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    Greetings from Norway :)


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    LFS, TDU, Half-Life X, GMOD10, FUEL (check my xfire for moar)
  1. And now.. silence D : please djh_ speak to us about this awesome mod!
  2. I suppose you could add that my online name is "toskatod", so that people can recognize me ;p
  3. Thanks, see you there then ;)
  4. Can you give me pic since I do not know where neither of the dealerships are? : ) Oh, and before someone start whining, I do not have the megapack, so therefore I have no lexus and have no use for any lexus dealership.
  5. Interesting! Someone should at least look at this.
  6. Downloaded, will test noaw! :D E: AWESOME! This should be released in some sort of official patch for the game!
  7. Wow, just wow... This is the most amazing thing you could ever do to TDU, besides fix the weird 2D trees and bumpy roads, ofc. This is still too awesome :D Release separate asphalt and billboard mod please, I know I'm not the only one who want that :F
  8. Nice, I thought that they published all new mags on the regular page once they were released ;p
  9. I'm in with a F430 Spyder, and my online name is toskatod E: corrected veh. name and online name E2: could someone give me the time in UTC+01:00? please, I'm not that good with time zones ^^' E3: it's like 20:00 (8 PM) with DST here? : ) or what? :p
  10. Hey! I'm abit late on this, but I love the idea!
  11. Hey, you know that Ford GT mod with KPH speedo instead of MPH? It'd be awesome if you re uploaded that :) you'll be rep'd if you do ^^
  12. When will this come on the norwegian GameReactor mag? D : there's nothing on the homepage : (
  13. Hi guys! Seriously, I would rather offer realism for a wider spectrum of vehicles to choose from! If Ferrari don't want collision models on their cars in a game screw that, I just want to see it, feel it and drive it - not destroy it! ( Although, that must be fun too :F ) So, I hope that they keep Ferrari rather than skipping them for being careful with their reputation or whatever.. -Thomas : ) Mod Edit: Please do not swear, thanks! EDIT: is this better? : )
  14. Broken link :/ And I want that mod :D
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