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  1. I'd like to see where this is gonna go after all this time.
  2. Does anyone ever race online? if so add me on steam Patjeee (or dutch617)
  3. there's two already ,stargt's and some other guy. They're both great mods.
  4. Any other car i can replace? My s2000 is a lotus evora already :(
  5. Camhack 1.2 google it , useful for cockpit views .
  6. I own asetto corsa since the beta came out. My wheel broke though :clap::ill:
  7. PC server down right now -__-
  8. opened my car door against a pole and after that i hit my jaw against the top of the window i almost dislocated it...
  9. great sound. and yes if you could do the 458 that would be sweet
  10. nice mini. My friend has one supercharged 280HP to the wheels
  11. My s2000 is my baby lol but it's my daily also untill the end of october. Garaged after that .. too much snow here. I recently modded my Headlights to the Euro/Jdm version of the s2000. Got some parts in from japan and started working on it. (don't mind my dad. Felt too lazy to polish it myself after doing all the work)
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