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  1. I could try it then, but I dont have any 64bit computers other than mine, would it still work or?
  2. Yup, both store bought. Well, if I were to install it on another PC and move it, I wouldnt be able to add patches or car pack, since it would not be seen as an installed game/application, just moved.
  3. I repaired .net framwork and tried running it as admin, still no go.
  4. After taking a huuuuge break from TDU i decided to come back and start playing again. I was all happy until i realized it wouldnt install on my PC. It just gives me this error. "Installation ended The installer was interrupted before Test Drive Unlimited could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. Please run setup again." It has always worked on Windows 7 64 bit and Vista aswell, why not now? I have tried 2 different dvd's and still wont work. PC Specs: GTX 580 Twin Frozr II i5 2500k 8GB RAM Windows 7 64bit
  5. Im actually working on a Volvo 945 to be converted to TDU. But I have never done anything like this before so I wont promise anything. Next weekend I will start working on it again and try to convert it. ;)
  6. Release: 2011-01-24 According to this swedish game store Here
  7. HD5970 black edition if you have that budget.
  8. Thats the ugliest piece of swear i have ever seen :S
  9. Ok well, I wasnt talking about the beta I was talking about the guys who released it illegally and what would happen to them. As for Leadfoot, Thank you that answered my question :)
  10. Sorry for being offtopic but, why were the ones that have tdu2 beta selected? And what will happen to the one who did it? Sorta lame that they do that sorta thing :confused:
  11. You should take it as a compliment cause they think you're as good as a cheater ^^
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