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  1. I do not play forze to play forze need to have consoles Check in 1:10
  2. More suitable for the mod Murcielago, the Aventador has a completely different sound
  3. More photos and videos on xfire profiles and live broadcasts of the channels twitch.tv xfire morrph83, Links to twitch channels testers Unofficial Patch Twitch (D.O.N) Twitch (Tradey) Twitch (Courius)
  4. We do not have the right tools to create new islands or new roads.
  5. You've seen a few people this is true, there are a few testers and not just one or two. And certainly not a person on our part not released. Sory for my english is horrible.....
  6. Don Luca is one of the testers patch .....
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OfeNA8iPWM
  8. Trees before. (These large such grim) ​ search where is the damn texture. (Thanks Xarlith for hints) And after the change.
  9. Spring Oahu and Ibiza :D Still work in progress The original thread: Drivecenter - Polskie centrum samochodowych gier MMO Wyświetl temat - [Work in Progress] Wiosna Oahu i Ibiza
  10. Is great, but factory color looks hideously.
  11. Soon I will give this mod here in the forum, I must fix a few bugs.
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