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  1. Chika, jesi ziv bog te???
  2. Oh yeah, I'd like to see the Audi Quattro.. :)
  3. Hmm, it seems a bit longer.. Front end is changed, mainly the grill and the headlights, maybe the back is a bit longer, and that is about it.. But still, looks veeeery nice.. :) I like the rims.. :)
  4. Congrats on the 20.000th member.. ;) Who is the lucky guy/gal? ;) Ah, what the heck, it's special occasion.. :D :bparty:
  5. Very nice entries this week, I couldn't enter because of school.. ;) Anyway, voted for EK, nice picture. Maple and HTF's entries were also very good, it was a tough choice.. ;)
  6. I also want weather mods without night.. ;) Maybe I'll also try something.. ;)
  7. Tim. I'm a sucker for Renaults, and it looks really goood.. ;)
  8. And they are, not this one, obviously, but rather this one.. ;)
  9. Aaahhh.. This is very nice.. I like these.. :D
  10. Me again.. Still busy, I think I'll update the thread later today, or tomorrow.. Sorry, I have another exam tomorrow, so I'm still busy.. Ah what the heck, here's another preview pic.. :) -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Enjoy, and sorry once again for my tardiness..
  11. i did indeed :cheeky: turns out that when looking for pics for my sigs, i forgot about how good car wallpapers are :rolleyes:
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