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  3. Thanks! I'm using FL Studio 12 and Presonus Studio One, I was also working on Ableton but it didn't fit me that much, maybe one day I'll buy Mac to try Logic X :D
  4. Let me show you something from me, as a hobby I'm a music producer since 2013-2014, I'm producing mostly hip-hop and trap beats (ocasionally trance and drum & bass too), and here are two of many of my beats, you'll probably consider it as a total crap but I'll put it into risk :D https://soundcloud.com/paradox_beats/paradox-rick-ross-type-beat I also want to study an audio engineering after getting my bachelor degree for my current field of study, I hope it'll work out :D
  5. True, I've never played GT or PGS though, the first game with real photomode (not counting NFS Carbon etc) I've ever played was TDU, which I think impressed us all with graphics and with the possibility of taking beautiful shots, after few hundred hours in game I was spending more time in photomode than in driving, testing other variations of settings etc, taking photos as realistic as possible, and now same thing with FH3, but with mind-blowing graphics :D
  7. Yeah, with proper settings of the photomode the results can be so realistic, the game is amazing :) Here's some more of my photo stuff, couple of shots I did during rainy weather when the graphics look the most realistic: [ATTACH]29370[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29371[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29372[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29373[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29374[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29375[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29376[/ATTACH]
  8. Entry post :cool: [ATTACH]29427[/ATTACH] Edit: Now with proper resolution :D
  9. Thank you all for your positive feedback! Here are some new shots: [ATTACH]29330[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29331[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29332[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29333[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29334[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29335[/ATTACH] BTW Milli, I took your post into consideration :lol::lol::lol:
  10. Hello there, Some of you will recognize me, some of you will not, anyway I'm back at this forum after three years of my absence. I've bought Xbox One only for Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 6, and here I'd like to share some of my screenshots. I love taking photos in racing games and I always want them to be as realistic as possible. I hope they are :) Enjoy! [ATTACH]29291[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29292[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29293[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29294[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29295[/ATTACH][ATTACH]29296[/ATTACH]
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