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  1. SL63 :D If you want, PM me the list and I will start the vote for you?
  2. Norby..This is what I mean about my rims... [ATTACH]18262[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]18263[/ATTACH]
  3. Why are people so rude? Jonez, stop sucking up to Zoqqer, Curtis can ask whatever he wants as this is an open forum...MROZ3Q: Your a cool person but that was quite "swak"... Keep them mods come coming :)
  4. Where do you get the models from Forza from? if I can find these then I would like to give modding a go...
  5. Very nice list mate :) Cannot wait for some nice mercs (SL63 2012 would insane) :) well done again
  6. Haha, best mod I have had..that M3 GTS :D Cannot wait for your standard M3 Minume :) 4 door would be stunning too :) Keep going mate
  7. Norby: Loving your mods mate :) absolutely stunning. One question: My S65 rims still not have that realism yours do?
  8. Dead link..Can someone please PM or email with the car attached? Need this desperately :) Cheers and thanks again Email: [email protected]
  9. Amazing :) [mod edit:] Post your requests and suggestions in the Request forum.
  10. Amazing download :) I have recently installed this and the normal M3.. @ jorge: I always see preview sounds of your amazing work but where can I download them? LOL @ who gave me a negative reputation..Coward [mod edit:] Post your requests and suggestions in the Request forum.
  11. Ok, well I downloaded it and didn't seem to make any difference haha. Could anyone please point me in the direction of a good one that revs to 9000?
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