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Status Updates posted by Reventón09

  1. oook mate :D my contact is: Reventon09 I wait you bye!

  2. HI mate! How are you? Just one thing: Have you skype? would be a pleasure talk with you about FSX :p

  3. ahah I always say: Today I will download PC.A.R.S. but at the end I'm too lazy for download this ahaha And you should try Forza Horizon is very nice :) Also the models are nice lol Anyway I go to sleep Night mate ^^ Nice to have you here again ;)

  4. No unfortunatly I haven't the license from drive on the normal streets yet I will be able to take this only the next year (I hope that the world will not finish) :lol: But the Italy is a strange country and here you can take the license for the tracks also if you haven't the license for the streets :/ Are you still interested to the modding? :D

  5. Oh good luck with the university! :) I'm was never very good at the school :/ Anyway I'm fine thanks :D maybe I will go to make a driving course for learn how drive a car on a track I can't wait :D

  6. Hi Patch I've already said "Welcome back" Anyway: Welcome back! XD How are you? :)

  7. :birthday: :bparty: :D

  8. I'm also fine thanks I'm always in Laigueglia only sunday evening I was in Varazze and there was some nice car like 458 Italia But I will back in Varazze (maybe the next week) for a ride on a Panamera Turbo One day we should go to make carspotting :p

  9. Hi! How are you? you will be in Varazze also this year? :D

  10. Hi How are you? About our cruise in TDU2 could be ok one day of the next week? :)

  11. yes right Thanks :D

  12. Sorry for the late but: :birthday:

  13. Hi, Can you move this thread in the released section? http://forum.tdu-central.com/threads/27287-Reventon09-2010-Lamborghini-Murcielago-LP670-SV Thanks :)

  14. Hi mate, Thanks for have put my Diablo GTR in homepage But a curiosity: Do you play with TDU2?

  15. Hi, I saw that you have tried to send me a private message but my Inbox was full I have deleted some PM now can you send me ;)

  16. Hi, I saw that you have tried to send me a private message but my Inbox was full I have deleted some PM now can you send me ;)

  17. Hi mate, Maybe you can be are interested to the last car in these photos :p Link Here

  18. I have a bad news: I have some problem with the limit size of the file :(

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