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  1. Nordy

    New Update ?

    I is there a new little update wile i have the same problems as for 5 days. for 5 days i updated my game to v28 and today the massage comes game servers are not available?!
  2. Hey Minime891, I love that Mod this BMW looks so great and the Sound Its Great Man. But i have a Problem with this . When i drive in cockpit the frontwindow is very dark, on night i see not very good what is that...? is it me or my game i dont know. I hope you can help me. Greets Nordy [mod edit:] Please do not swear or use asterisk's to mimic swearing, thanks.
  3. Hi Danke habe es gerade auch rausgefunden das es ein kleines update gab danke...
  4. Hi, I Have a big problem. First i run TDU2 unpacked and use the Universal Launcher 1.5 So my problem is that i can not play online since 2-3 weeks every time it comes the message Server Are not available. So wtf is my problem i have already reinstall the game and started it packed with the uplauncher, same message i upacked the game and the same problem nothing works i cant play online.. and i dont know why. Please can anybody help me ??? Greetz Nordy. P.s Iam german Sorry for my english.
  5. Hi, I have a problem. How can i fix that. [ATTACH]17628[/ATTACH] I will use the BMW on my gtr but i habe this problem...:( Greetz Nordy
  6. Hi guys, I Have a problem. I need the original car files from the nissan GTR. Can anyone help me to get them? Greetz Nordy p.s sorry for my English iam german
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