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  1. This guy, geez... You could've simply went for a test drive to realize that their performance are actually correct, just their stats on paper are wrong (explained in FAQ), but no. Went straight to rage on it. "Full moron-mode" it is I guess
  2. One of the things that I'm really looking forward to see is a bigger session. Not only 8 people per session anymore!
  3. Yeah, and I wouldn't mind to see a completely new Hawaii if that's what they'll bring it again with a lot detailed offroading roads and scenery to admire. At least by Nanco's post on Twitter promoting the July 7th announcement maybe is safe to expect working windows and indicators? We'll see.
  4. I'm curious about the location and its features
  5. Hey, I know it's been quite awhile, but the links are offline. Can somebody reupload it, please?
  6. I only see one car that is not stuck on the sand already lol
  7. Yes! Turn signals, open/close roof animation on the fly and cars with sun roof too! It would be a first in a racing game to be able to open/close the sun roof (at least never saw a title featuring that) and TDU was all about the immersive details that improve the gameplay quite a bit because TDU is a lifestyle driven game and those details will matter to me. Thing is, TDU 2 would be succesful if wasn't for it's ridiculous driving physics and that's no secret. But for TDU 3, adding up more details like those will hugely improve immersion and definitely would separate things from the competition offering it's own world of content and details that would appeal not only for the cruisers, but for people to spent time chilling in a game that is pleasent to be in aswell even if you are the most hardcore gamer that only wants to race and drive fast, because there are times that you want to socialize online with other people, talking about cars and stuff. That's when the social stuff from TDU 2 would be nice to have a come back like the first person view at dealerships or the houses with house customization to really have the feel of an RPG racing game. That means would be nice to see a come back to character customization with clothes to buy aswell. Fuel consumption is something that some people like, some people don't, so I wouldn't mind if that would be optional that you can turn on and off in the options menu. I personally would love to have it if the world we are given doesn't lack gas stations. Would be nice to even have charging places for the eletric cars if there will be any in the game. Fuel consumption doesn't even need to be realistic that we would end up out of fuel all the time, but it definately could be an addon to things for us to do in the game like the car washers that TDU 1 had but was removed from the game.
  8. I don't know if that's the right topic to address this, but here it is: As you can see in the picture bellow there's something wrong with the doors shaders (I think) from the SLR McLaren model. It seems like the door shader is set backwards or something since the light effect does not follow the rest of the car's body. That's been bothering me for quite awhile now. Just to note as a bug if it's not already a known issue... The rest of the model is very good, actually. I'm just hoping if it will be possible to replace the original SLR wheels (the famous fan-shaped) in a future update: The one that the mod is using is from the original TDU and it is not very good. Thanks for everyone involved in the project that made it possible! Fantastic work!
  9. Can you please reupload this mod?? I was using this one for years but I've lost backup mods folder :( Can you or someone that has it reupload it for me? Pretty please? :D
  10. It doesn't always shift for me too. I don't recall this happening before the official servers shutdown, but maybe a bug with the new .dll's that conflicts with many controllers? I don't know if that 'miss-shifting' bug happens when playing on keyboard as well, but may be something to think of?
  11. Oh, thanks for the info. Are you a HC player? It's hard for me to find any nowadays. And what's your ingame name? Cheers :D
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