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  1. I don't know if that's the right topic to address this, but here it is: As you can see in the picture bellow there's something wrong with the doors shaders (I think) from the SLR McLaren model. It seems like the door shader is set backwards or something since the light effect does not follow the rest of the car's body. That's been bothering me for quite awhile now. Just to note as a bug if it's not already a known issue... The rest of the model is very good, actually. I'm just hoping if it will be possible to replace the original SLR wheels (the famous fan-shaped) in a future update: The one that the mod is using is from the original TDU and it is not very good. Thanks for everyone involved in the project that made it possible! Fantastic work!
  2. Can you please reupload this mod?? I was using this one for years but I've lost backup mods folder :( Can you or someone that has it reupload it for me? Pretty please? :D
  3. It doesn't always shift for me too. I don't recall this happening before the official servers shutdown, but maybe a bug with the new .dll's that conflicts with many controllers? I don't know if that 'miss-shifting' bug happens when playing on keyboard as well, but may be something to think of?
  4. Oh, thanks for the info. Are you a HC player? It's hard for me to find any nowadays. And what's your ingame name? Cheers :D
  5. Hey! I'm using windows 7. I don't know what it was if it was a bug or something, but I like to cruise from time to time too like Robik but I usually see that are 10 to 15 people online but only 1 or 3 tops shows up on the map screen (if they shows up at all). May be it's due to the low number of players online and the time that I go online?
  6. The servers are back on since Project Paradise and there are a few players that still play the game: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/29561-test-drive-unlimited-project-paradise-v003a-public-beta-available I was wondering about the old players from the good old days :P
  7. Is there people from the good old days still playing? Most of the time when I go online it says there is some players online but no one shows up on the map screen. Just wondering... Miss you guys lol
  8. Does anyone still play TDU1? Most of the time when I go online it says theres some players online but none shows up on the map screen. Just wondering. And this forum is dead for about a year I'm still wondering. Maybe someone respond. Maybe not... Well I'm here to say hi to the ghosts anyway so hello o/
  9. Lol. I didn't saw your post untill now. I don't see the forum very often. But in your picture the Gas Station is like 45º to the edge of the road. What I have in mind was placing it attached to the edge of the road just like any other Gas Station hehe ;)
  10. Wow! Just wow! Haha... I particularly find very interesting the idea of taking the TDU2 Oahu and swap it to our beloved TDU1 :p As Qwerty said, the smoother roads from TDU2 would be awesome for HC players! Specially for those who like to drift in the mountains. And the addition of the new areas that even I don't know about (I played TDU2 for 4 months tops LOL). Another thing I was wondering. Does anybody has the locations of every single Gas Stations on the map? We know that Oahu lack of Gas Stations. Specially at the top of the map. If could be placed one at that 'Mini City' over there. The one with a Marina, it could be a new meeting point too for a mountain cruise. It has a car park, a nice view of the Marina and an empty space where a Gas Station could be placed :) The location is called 'Pa a La a Kai': Photos: http://imageshack.com/a/img537/715/JmablP.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img537/234/VY2QCx.jpg Map: http://imageshack.com/a/img673/8885/FKkL9x.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img661/4817/Q1CkPM.jpg
  11. You probably skiped reading the ReadMe file. In there you will find a note: "When you connect for the first time to the server with your old online profile, you'll get the error message "The nickname you entered is invalid". Press OK. On the next screen, be sure to check the GameSpy ID case and NOT TO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL OR PASSWORD OR YOUR SAVEGAME WILL BE RESET!
  12. Hey! Very nice to see some old friends back online again! :D I just wanna sincerely thank all the people involved in this awesome project that made TDU back alive again! Seriously, guys... Thanks A Lot! :D :clap: Well, it is still beta so I think I should report some things that is happening. Some of them you may already know by now, but still... -My game crashes all the time when I quit the game since the d3d9.dll (multiplayer client). It is working normally It just occour when I quit the game. I'm affraid that corrupts my savegame at some point as you know the game saves automatically when exiting. So I think it is just a thing to report. It started to happen just after the client dll file was installed in a fresh installation of TDU. -As I found out, not all of the gas stations are valid to fill it up yet. -Some times the fuel gauges just disappear for a moment and then reappear. -The '-hd' command line doesn't quite worked for me. It messed up the HDR switching to super overbright and normal and real drops of fps... Oh, one thing I was wondering about is what's the criteria of the fuel consumption exactly at the moment? Is it the speed factor, how hard I push the throtle or is it more complex/simple as that? And thank you guys again to make it all happen! :)
  13. Yeap... The links are down. Can somebody reupload it? Pretty please? xD
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