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  1. Thanks for your mods man! Amazing!) And if you want, you may do Lambo Miura Concept... will be nice i think)
  2. Nice! And what do you think, Tool, up/down spoiler when up/down windows? Can you make this???
  3. It's wonderful car Tool! Much more better than the original SLR McLaren!:thumbsup: I made some pictures of it:
  4. By the way, the car is really nice, but where are the rims?:confused:
  5. Click on this: http://narod.ru/disk/14810956000/SHELBY.7z.html or wait for a few seconds
  6. This is strange, but i have the same thing, can you explain, why? But the model is wonderful? thanks, Tool:)
  7. Wonderful! But where is yours Reventon? Canceled?
  8. What happens with this link? It doesn't works too((( I'd like to dowload this nice sound Now i can hear it! Very good!!!
  9. Thanks TDUZoqqer, can't wait for this amazing car!!!
  10. Hope THIS Lambo will be like a real...than it must be awsome :yay: Sorry, but my english is not good enough
  11. This Diablo is my favorite! Very nice choice! Hope it will be COOL :)
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