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  1. Nice car Grin :) all shift models are great, good luck:thumbsup:
  2. nice model Tool :thumbsup: I cant understand why some people always must ask why you are doing models that are alredy in the game or why because someone else has done it ealier... keep going like that and good luck Man:):)
  3. Nice model Tool :thumbsup: i am driving it now.:)
  4. thats right so i cant see your problem guys... everyone can have only this models that he like...so let the modders to do their job....
  5. if someone will crate a better model, evryone will download his... but for now Tool's models are best:)
  6. ok i will remember. i know it is a lot of work with one car.... but good luck with it and respect for You:)
  7. wow, whole carlist from shift... it will be incredible i am looking forward for it:)
  8. This car is awensome:thumbsup: Tool you are a genius in this!!!!! now lets wait for zonda R:)
  9. It will have normal gauges or like those in jet fighter version?
  10. Tool could you say which models from nfs shift (exept ones you alredy have) you are going to convert next?
  11. but if there is a possibility to make those mods it would be cool because nfs shift models are better even than original TDU cars...
  12. Tool you are very fast with releasing those models from nfs shift, Keep going like that and we might have a brand new car list for TDU:thumbsup:
  13. Great !!!! all thode nfs shift models are just cool :):):)
  14. Tool You are amazing. your mods are better than original cars in the game. Will it be possible for you to make a DBR9 from nfs shift??
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