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  1. So, no Hope to see this amazing Vector in TDU1 ? No Paypal?? Damn... I can't believe it So, no Hope to see this amazing Vector in TDU1 ? PM me to see how Can we find a monney issue to release us (or me) this W8
  2. Wow Fantastic work, dear!! This car is one of my favorite hypercar. Thx for your release! Is it possible to convert this model for tdu1 ? Thx for your answer ! PS: i Can pay you via PayPal to have this model in tdu1, For private release or for everybody
  3. Hi dear! So happy to see you! We work together to release 348 spyder (tdu1 mod) on Turboduck.. I was your beta tester. So, how are you? I saw your last mods, Wow impressive work! I don't play tdu since a long Time, but i will test your models .. I Hope you will answer me! (Cannot use your mailbox) Have a good day! Slylecoco
  4. Here link to download the .exe for TDU Unlimited Distance. CatUpload - Hébergeur de fichiers gratuit, envoi de fichiers sans incription, transfert de fichiers | Slylecoco Unlimited.zip To use ; 1) Run TDU, 2) Challenge a bot, 3) when you have the map, 4) Return on your desktop (without turn off TDU of course !) 5) run Slylecoco Unlimited, 6) Return to play TDU, Now no limit distance to fight a bot ! Enjoy! :)
  5. Mili, If you want / need, I have a ittle homemade programme ; You run it while playing Tdu, And when you challenge a bot, There is no more distance limite. Default limit = 5 kms (or miles, i don't remember) With my programme = no limit ! Long ride against bot if you want ! Mp me if you want it ! ;)
  6. Nobody can share the file, please? Thx, Guys!
  7. Hi guys! I'm looking for those Old mod... Someone can sens it to me please? Thx !! ;
  8. For Huayra BC, I use M14 for Cam and C12S for Ik ;)
  9. Yes! New models are WOW! Huayra BC is impressive! What about update 300 ZX Interior i gave to you? Is it possible you do it please? :)
  10. Hey, This model is gorgeous! V12 power.. thx!! Rule, What do you think about 300 ZX i send you? Possible to improve Interior quality?
  11. Hey dear Rule, Have you seen my private message? :)
  12. I don't like this Ferrari, But you've done a really good job, dear! ;)
  13. Hi! Can we hope new release soon? :)
  14. Cam KZ1 and défaut bike for Ik ;)
  15. XJ220 is Magic release for me. I dream this car when i was a teen. THX YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL. YOU'RE THE BEST ! ;) --- Post Updated --- XJ 220 File on HF Garage is updated with fix+body kit?
  16. Really good job! Thx for this models! :) But still not XJ220 with left steering wheel... (Forza Horizon 2) :(....
  17. Hey! So happy! New models are WOW! Hope you will have look for Jaguar XJ220 (with left steering wheel ;))
  18. Yep, Bmx is an excellent way for off road !! :) Bikes are cool but too hard to drive, Not really funny... :(
  19. Update ; Bikes & BMX... [ATTACH]27046[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27047[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27048[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27049[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27051[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27050[/ATTACH]
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