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  1. Released StarGT : McLaren F1 McLaren f1 ? :D
  2. I've made this thread here to present you a special FB group , where people can share cruising stories , Photos , news about new mods and more . :) We are a small group right now , but we are looking to grow bigger and bigger.:D If anybody is interested , Here is a link . We are waiting for you
  3. I'm a beginner so be kind :D If someone likes them I'll add more... In any case check here for all my photos : Flickr: Bogdanfrom7c's Photostream And I forgot Thx to Rèventon09 for this epic car ! :D
  4. Hi Zero i see you play bad company 2 , Add me in the game Bogdanfrom7c or on origin grasu09 , cya
  5. No..And if I want to modify I'll don't know how :) You have reventon's viper 2013 right ? ---------- Post added at 21:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 21:03 PM ---------- Exterior http://s16.postimage.org/5boncydwj/Test_Drive2_2012_07_01_00_12_02_81.png interior http://s16.postimage.org/oi1ug4ueb/Test_Drive2_2012_07_01_00_12_06_89.png See ? in the interior the arrow its at 3000 while parked :confused:
  6. Redownloaded it but nothing , in the interior shows 4000 and exterior 0 , and when exterior its 7000(max) in the car breaks over the limit :D
  7. When the exterior gauges show 0 turation the interior one show 4000 any ideea why ?
  8. I have no ideea , anyway the gauges you have made are awesome , the best-looking i ever seen , Don't make a new version let these ..
  9. I just tryed it and are awesome , very very good-looking , but there is 1 issue , they are not showing the same turation like in the car ? And if you dont have to do make one for the Murcielago Super Veloce :thumbsup:
  10. Reventon I have a suggestion : insted of opening the doors , open the hood , to make use of this autovista model :thumbsup:
  11. The viper was released yesterday by reventon check it here Released Reventon09: 2013 Dodge Viper GTS
  12. how about a gauge for the gts viper 2013 ? what would be great http://www.seriouswheels.com/pics-2013/def/2013-Dodge-SRT-Viper-Gauges-2-1280x960.jpg
  13. Salut frate am vazut ca esti roman. Presupun ca ai jucat TDU1 nu? Ai jucat vreodata online? Nu am jocul cumparat dar tin tare mult sa il joc si eu online Exista vreo metoda de a jucat online fara sa il cumpar?
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