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  1. That's my birthday! :p Too bad I'm not in this beta. :lol:
  2. ScoobSTi

    Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase

    ^ :lol: Here's my new phone.
  3. Harley should do a 1UZ swap. :nods: (Utter sarcasm btw)
  4. ScoobSTi

    how to get a gamespy username and play online, help plz.

    I doubt it, looks like The Crew is the closest we'll ever get to having TDU1 again.
  5. Them graphics :drool2:
  6. ScoobSTi

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    I should've bought AC on 50% off... That's like 90 degree steering lock! :p
  7. ScoobSTi

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Well done, Belgium. :p (And USA)
  8. ScoobSTi

    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    Probably related to this. :lol:
  9. That's true, but it'd be much nicer to have it implemented in the game imo.