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  1. Hi, I learned there is a new motorbike game called "Ride 2". Is it possible to get new bike mods for TDU?
  2. Hi nineo, thanks for your reply. Game works since about a week. It was a problem with TDUPE 2.78. I now use 2.5 and it´s fine. I will have to check if I can get any mods running. As I tried to install the Aston DBS, the game crashed a few days ago. Not sure, if 2.5 is able to change car names... Well, I will find out. This game is making me crazy since 7 years now, so, whatever happens, there will be a solution.
  3. Hi gents, I use a 1.68b version and still use TDUMT and TDUPE. I can´t use any motorbike - 1. if I open a motorbike file in TDUPE there is an error message (something about values) and I can´t change anything. 2. cam and name of the motorbikes are wrong (it´s e.g. DUCATI Viper SRT 10 Coupe) 3. if I choose a motorbike in my garage and want to leave, game freezes instantly. I have to restart my computer then. I have net framework 2-4 installed. Does anybody know what is wrong?! I re-installed the game but the problem still occurs. Thanks Jan
  4. Sounds nice, I have to test it later! I will give you feedback tonight. Thanks for your effort.
  5. Yes, but which ones should I use? Default is Ferrari 430 off course.
  6. 488 rims don´t match with your settings. Any advice? Do I have to change anything else than the rim size? It´s annoying there is always a problem with the rims. I am trying to create a physics file, but the rims look like XXXX.
  7. BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** BREAKING NEWS *** Here is a brand new PHYSICS FILE for the 2016 Porsche 911 Carrera S (991). Have fun!
  8. @Rule Please think about the need for a password. We all downloaded the mod and can´t play because the password is different to the old one and NO ONE can play NOW. This is a bit annoying... :wait:
  9. @Rule The new pics, is it a Carrera S? That´s great! I love not having a "top model" (like a Turbo or Turbo S). A "normal" Porsche is really missing in TDU!
  10. Aaaaaah, sorry. :fp: I guess I forgot to login. :ytwh: But anyway, here I have a PHYSICS file for the SL500, you can put it to the download file if you want.
  11. Rule, please check the website - there are NO download links available for a bunch of users. Some can download, some not, there is something wrong! I tried to download with three different browsers now and nothing happened. Please check it and don´t ignore the problem. Look into the chat box on the website, many users say the download doesn´t work.
  12. @Rule Very nice mods! I can´t download any of the mods, because there is no download link. I tried with Firefox, Edge and Chrome, but I never see download links. Do you know what the problem is?
  13. Quality looks very low...not worth a download.
  14. What is a BMW M3 2.5 tds? There was NEVER a M3 2.5 tds - the 2.5 inline 6 is a DIESEL engine.
  15. @Rule I installed your Dodge Challenger Hellcat yesterday. The mod is nice, but it needs some improvements. - steering wheel is wrong, it´s from a 2012 car (the Dodge CHARGER Hellcat mod you made has the correct steering wheel, could you take this for the Challenger?) - the windshield wiper is weird, it´s too far away from the windshield (it´s in the air) - there are many gaps in the car model (if you paint the car black, you can see much white between the doors and the hood) Could you improve the quality of the mod? It is a fantastic car. :duck:
  16. Use the s/c sound. Released - Saleen S7 Sound Mod | turboduck forum
  17. Wheels!! :wise:
  18. MG looks way better with corrected wheel size, thank you. It´s a very nice car with a powerful V8...
  19. @Rule I really like the cars you mod, but there is always a wheel size problem. Look at the MG pictures - way too big! Please consider this for further mods. I have deleted all of your mods because the wheel size always was wrong. It needs hours to work out a setup (no physics for your mods) and finding the right wheel size. It´s a pity, because the mods quality is really good now. More feedback? Don´t install a fixed license plate. I don´t always use the stock one. Further, the quality of the fixed one is bad. License plate yes, but not a fixed one.
  20. E46 M3 had 18 inch rims, never 20. As I said, it is way too big.
  21. M3 wheels are way too big. Any advise? Unbelievable this problem is repeating again and again.
  22. Ah, thanks! I didn´t remember. I´ll try the RS7 with curve rims.
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