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  1. Is a mix of cars in tdu 2 but the final result it's good! TRY IT http://www.mediafire.com/?jdfy30j203dt2ee
  2. Fantastic buddy!! very nice work i love evolutions :D [mod edit:] Post your requests and suggestions in the Request forum.
  3. Well I have made my own sound for mitsubishi evo someone who wants?
  4. Idea! Toyota Supra MK IV TWIN TURBO RZ Honda Civic Type R 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI TME
  5. hey can i ask you something did you know how i can play tdu2 with full updates and with the mods i want to insert beacause i am reinstall the game i do all the updates and then unpack the game and insert the mods but the game crashes in the loading and if i deposit the files from backup into tdu2 folder i can play but the mods have take anyone effect in game hahah
  6. hej hej hur är laget? heheh jag tallar inte så bra svenska haha jag kommer fron grekland (but) jag bor i Borås hehehe!!
  7. Hello at all i have a problem well yesterday i reinstall tdu2 but now i have a problem..Well i do full install after install i unpack the tdu2 and then i am starting to insert the mods i want well after unpack in the start of loading the game cant open in the last loading in car Aston Martin DB9 the screen freeze and drop me out the game after that i am going in the folder of back-up i deposit all the file from that folder Big_map etc in my desktop and then in the folder of tdu2 i am trying to run once again ok he plays but i cannot see my mods :/ anyone help : ( : ( : (
  8. very good good work but i have two questions hehe first question how i can converte from fm4 or fm3 or from nfs into bnk heheh and second how i can record a video!
  9. Well After All My Inserts hehehe i make something like that something look like in sound as Mitsubishi Evo and Wrx STi ((((I DONT KNOW HOW I CAN RECORD A VIDEO FROM TDU2 hahahaha))
  10. lalalala daimn! i dont know how to enable dump valve and the turbo for impreza
  11. yes mitsubishi evo wants his real bov and anti lag ;) for example and good item's is HKS Hi-Silent titanium exhaust and a pretty good anti lag look like subaru impreza in tdu2 and more good quality!
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