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  1. Sorry about not being here its just I am a mod on a very active site and soon to be admin on another ^__^

    1. Eudemon


      good luck with that

    2. Fate


      yea im losing track of all the forums I need to go to =__=

      became a mod on the top PSP/PS Vita hacking and programming site and now everyone wants me for there spin off sites >___<

      I like being needed but im only one man!!! 0__0

  2. ok first off yes I know im a bit late here but im busy >__< now as I was going yo say :3 the Second Season to Yuru Yuri is over and oh boy what a seson it has been one thing I rather enjoyed is Akane, I just loved her character man I feel like me and Akane would get along just fine ^__^ Yuru Yuri has no doubt became one of my favourite anime with its awesome OP's + ED's and I will have to go check out the manga next well thats it...... yea im not good with writing things >__< oh I did upload all the second season episodes to Yuru Yuri and posted them here http://eudemon.org/t...hl__+yuru +yuri so yea check that out and enjoy PS: I will be uploading Black Rock Shooter next :3
  3. I am somewhat back so I will try to upload more anime :3

  4. man I am some what back so I wil try to add more anime :3

  5. sorry but I will be away for a bit since I dont have a computer other then on Friday & Caturday

  6. Fate


  7. added EP4 to Yuru Yuri ♪♪

  8. here's hoping for more english speaking folk :3

  9. (this was originaly posted by TheCobra) (link at bottom of post) Hi Everyone, EDIT: Thank you Everyone, I just reached my goal today of getting $250, We raised $420 dollars. I want to give a BIG thanks to everyone who donated and help in this donation. Like i promised, i going to use the money to buy a new PSVita and a Armor case with the extra cash. The rest i use it for other PSP/PSVita project or donated to another PSP/PSV developer if i see i not using the cash. Thank you guys again and i will post the name of who donated in a bit. Donation List[16]: I Want to say super Thank you to everyone who donated. I hope you guys look forward to future project i release for PSP/PSVita DeadlyData wololo bart.demeyer Z80 slynightsun holbeite garrei Mishka84 fullwall25 erique005 lime148 wild_zx 4inch criminal90 dirkstachel Jammpcobal The Z P.S. If i put your name wrong or you want me to remove you from the list, Let me know please. I will change it. some of the name i put them as the start of your email since i didn't know if you guys wanted me to put your real name ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Do to some people concerned and advice, I redid my first post. Those who donated and want a refund back, Please PM telling me that you want a refund and what your paypal email is(The email you have connected with) Or you can send me the transaction number as well. Please PM before the Aug 2 since after that, Paypal charges i think for refunding people. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok Let start again, I wanted to informed everyone that my PSVita screen crack and has stop me on my track working on a project that i was doing for the PSVita. I decided to raised money to get a new PSVita and continued my work. So i am hoping that people donate for this cause. For those are wondering what the project is (Before called "SecretE Project"), It a kernel exploit i found on the PSVita PSP EMulator which i was turning into a CFW/HEN. People also PM about there concerned about it being release to early and it being patch. I don't know about anyone other exploits but i will announce in public(This thread) when the 1.80 FW comes out or other future FW and i obtain a new PSVita that if my Kernel Exploit works on it or not. If the kernel Exploit is patch before the release, I will highly probably release my kxploit before i expected since it will no long have any use except for those who are on lower FW. The Release day right now is not certain but we are leaning towards November/December so that the PSVita has a year of production and other Developers get to use there kxploit at full blast. I will probably share my kxploit with some Well known/trustworthy Developer in the scene to see if we can get the process of the PSVita itself being hack sooner But most of the developers i would consider in this catalog already have there own kxploit (<- That another reason why we will take our time releasing the project). If you feel that you a well known developer and also want to work with us on getting the scene better by kxploit, PM and i talk to my peer(Ex Wololo,Davee,Wth,...etc) to see if it ok to send it to you. Please don't get upset if we say "sorry but no" because we are trying to keep it secret so we can get the full benefits out of it. My goal is now to get $250 for the new PSVita, If i happened to get more, I use it towards getting a case for it first and the extra money towards other PSP/PSV project that i hope to do or help. A Good example of a project that i may donate the extra money if any is to a project like SKFU DevKit donation. I don't want to put a list of people donated because some may not want to be told public that they helping me by donating. If you feel i should put up a List of who donate, PM me and i put up your name up here. Please, Those who can donate, please help me get a new PSVita. Donation Link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8FLF54CVBP7G6 Thank you. Thecobra Source
  10. Fate

    [updated] MGS2 rant

    hmm you might have played Portable OP's which IMO is easy :3
  11. Fate

    [updated] MGS2 rant

    ok so I have not played MGS2 for a few years and could not remember why I never finished it so since I now have it on the Vita then why not play it again right ? well I just played the game for around 10min and I remember why I never even got past the beginning before. The camera is horrible heck dare I say near unplayable now I have beaten MGS1 before so its not like I cant play with a similar camera but for some reason MGS2's camera is simply so bad I cant play it, now dont get me wrong I have seen my younger brother play it fully and it looks like it has a good story and that other then the camera its all good but yea its a good thing I like MGS3 so much cause I refuse to play MGS2. also in MGS3 why does "The Boss" fight still have that terrible camera ? well at least the camera is still better then in MGS2. man I feel so much better now ^__^ EDIT: ok so after playing for awhile longer and resisting trowing my Vita at a wall I have gotten to about half way done with the game and I got to say after just sticking with it it gets better and the camera dose not bother you as much. I do not plan on getting the Platinum Trophy but mhee :/
  12. Fate

    Resistance: Burning Skies

    actually its a PS Vita game, so the fact it looks like a PSP game is not good >___<
  13. I just made my first blog post ever ^___^

    1. Eudemon


      congratz! keep it up!

  14. well after playing the demo... its not that great I can say I wont be buyng this game right now (maby at a later time tho) Graphics: I felt like I was playing a PSP game Sound: again it was not very good you mostly hear crappy sounding guns and your footsteps Gameplay: I was playing on Normal and frankly it was really easy (I do play competitive FPS's so maby im just good ?) Story: the demo was the first chapter and it did not "pull me in", I dont really care for it at all (and im normally the guy that prefers the campaign) Controls: I think the controls are good but need some refining (dont get me wrong it does work and work well) I would like to know what every one else thinks so please post your thoughts (I have not played the MP so who knows maby thats actually good) (tho according to reviews its fun but not that great)
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