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  1. Sorry about not being here its just I am a mod on a very active site and soon to be admin on another ^__^

    1. Eudemon


      good luck with that

    2. Fate


      yea im losing track of all the forums I need to go to =__=

      became a mod on the top PSP/PS Vita hacking and programming site and now everyone wants me for there spin off sites >___<

      I like being needed but im only one man!!! 0__0

  2. ok first off yes I know im a bit late here but im busy >__< now as I was going yo say :3 the Second Season to Yuru Yuri is over and oh boy what a seson it has been one thing I rather enjoyed is Akane, I just loved her character man I feel like me and Akane would get along just fine ^__^ Yuru Yuri has no doubt became one of my favourite anime with its awesome OP's + ED's and I will have to go check out the manga next well thats it...... yea im not good with writing things >__< oh I did upload all the second season episodes to Yuru Yuri and posted them here http://eudemon.org/t...hl__+yuru +yuri so yea check that out and enjoy PS: I will be uploading Black Rock Shooter next :3
  3. I am somewhat back so I will try to upload more anime :3

    1. man I am some what back so I wil try to add more anime :3

      1. sorry but I will be away for a bit since I dont have a computer other then on Friday & Caturday

        1. Fate


        2. added EP4 to Yuru Yuri ♪♪

          1. Fate

            yuru yuri 2

            From the album: anime

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