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  1. i was cruising around Hawaii and i saw this space, which is under construction and it says Bike For Race, Coming Soon... looks like there would be a new DLC coming up! =) if u wanna check it out, its along the coast, on the western area of hawaii.... =)
  2. Hi fellow TDU2 players! As u all know, the new DLC pack with the road bikes are out, i have started a club called Ducati Europe, and im calling all those who still dont have a club, and have purchased the DLC, and the Ducati bikes (Either the Desmosedici RR / Diavel Carbon or Both) to join Ducati Europe, as i am planning a few events such as a ride-out where we all ride together and explore either Hawaii or Ibiza, Race's and stuff like that... For more info please post ure questions here! Name in TDU2: ANDYLALA2010 Cheers! and happy riding! =)
  3. Is it possible to make this into the gallardo coupe? this is for the gallardo SE....
  4. Hi, Thnx for the replies, i tried Tool's new Lamborghini Mod And Play download, its quite nice acctually..... i wish more poeple would use and seperate the download's under Mod And Play and under the old way to install the mod.... Regards, ExoticDrifter.
  5. Hey everyone, about the modding tools, during the process of installing the mod, i found that Djey has the Mod and Play programme, can all u modders please do that for us? its hard for some of us, including me to install the mods. so can u put the mod as the Mod and Play type of instalation? Thnx if you could! Regards, ExoticDrifter
  6. Hi. just joined a few months ago.... anyone can make the stock murcielago with the vents up? just an addon like this but only the stock murcielago addon. thnx! Regards ExoticDrifter:)
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