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  1. Well, welcome to a promise that was never kept and Atari clearly didn't intend to keep.
  2. A Lancer? I want one too now. :P
  3. Most of us are, I know Exile does, I've cruised with him a couple times. BTW, nice Ginetta Exile and also like the Superbee charger on page 2 for whoever made it.
  4. Lancia of course, but I bought both an esprit and a mustang later.
  5. At least you guys didn't read it wrong, redo the cup and then curse at ATARI!!!
  6. A lot of interesting pics, can't believe someone has managed to stand that old vette for 200 miles.
  7. Nice pics, good luck with the Tricolore
  8. Any idea how to do the second one without having the casino? Is it possible to donate then remove your money from a club for example?
  9. Pumpkin888, i'm very new to TDU2, but i played TDU a lot
  10. I found both 458 and California configurators: Ferrari California Car Configurator 458 Italia Car Configurator
  11. I was looking on a Russian site and found what appears to be another trailer. ~ We know It's already here: http://forum.tdu-central.com/showthread.php?t=22528 ~ Diablo
  12. I will say that it may be the Miura, or possibly another Lamborghini such as the Diablo or the Murcielago.
  13. So we don't get all cars unless we pre-order from everywhere? Why do I bother with this...
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