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  1. Ok,thanks,i try the tutorial... :) ---------- Post added at 20:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 19:40 PM ---------- I tried to repack the sounds.It says to me:"Repack succeeded!But in game the car have no sound..... :(
  2. Hi!I need help with this problem.I unpacked the sound by the TDU2 mini BNK Manager,but i dont know how to replace new files(for example louder turbo sound).
  3. Hi,sorry,i tried to make that blurp sound,but it doesnt sound right.So if you want,you can try it on your own,but i am really not that good.Sorry. :(
  4. Hi,i tried to make the blurp sound,but there is no gear sound for outside.So i dont know,how to make it,maybe from the high RPM,but it will loop in the sound and it will not sound good.Sorry,but i am not that good. EDIT:Now i have idea,what about to change the turbo sound for blurp? ---------- Post added at 20:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 20:42 PM ---------- but it will have one huge disadvantage:The blurp will be on all turbocharged cars because of the change of the turbo sound for the blurp.
  5. OK,i try my best,but not now,i do it next weekend,i have a lot work to do.
  6. Sorry,my english is bad,whats blurp?You mean the sound,when he shifts?
  7. Ok,here is the version without BOV: Golf GTI no BOV.zip | Ulož.to
  8. Hi,i made sound of VW Golf GTI,i added a BOV for better sound,but if someone want,i can make a version without BOV.I used Audi TT,because i dont have installed the Golf GTI. This is the source video: And here is,how it sounds in game: TestDriveUnlimited 2012-03-11 12-44-39-57 - Video Dailymotion Sorry for the quality.Hope you like it! Download: VW Golf 6 GTI Sound.zip | Ulož.to
  9. Nice sound!BTW where can i get the turbo sound?I just have fresh install,so all is on default.
  10. I done some improvements to both sounds,so try this little update: Uloz.to! - Lancia and BMW-update.rar
  11. I see that you're afraid to ask for the sound mod,so here it is: Uloz.to! - Lancia and BMW.rar Copy to Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules and rename it to your car name.And then tell me,if its good or not.
  12. Hi,i made these two mods:Lancia Delta,that sound like Felix Pailer´s hill climb special and BMW M3 E92.Sorry,i dont have any video.If is someone interested,i can post download links.
  13. Anyone interest in this car? http://images.pistonheads.com/nimg/21234/tn_Ford%20GT90%201-L.jpg
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