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  1. Man, this poor site is busted as hell. I know it's not the site operators' fault, but I'm just sayin. For a game that ages as well as TDU you'd think the modders/uploaders might do a tiny bit of upkeep for all their initial hard work, rather than just letting all this stuff expire into a dead-end archive of "what once was." One dead link after another, or in this instance the "link" is to a URL-shrinker that gets you into a nearly endless loop of Captcha's, and if you finally break out of it, all you get is redirected to a facebook page in Russian with some images of cars. I really hope I can find a working link for this car somewhere. Off to the search engine.
  2. Poor "Doctor G" Had to wait until after the thread was old news and on the secondary pages, before sticking your nose in here with your comment, eh, Doc Weasel? I was away from here for awhile, otherwise I would have replied sooner. I didn't realize I had unfinished business with your weaselly little Barney Fife self. You sound like you feel inadequate there, lil' G. Frustrated, even, that an "expert" like yourself can't even get basic transitions to line up on your contrived-sounding schlock. Bitter that my sounds got some sincere positive feedback. Awww.... Did the upstart embarrass poor lil' Doc? Are you still butt-hurt because I called you down for responding to someone else's inquiry last year as if you were King Turd? That's OK, keep on grinding your pitiful little ax. As for "heared [sic] dozens of times," the samples are from real-life big-blocks that I culled and edited myself. So that makes you not only tin-eared, but a weaselly little liar. Did I say "weasel" before? Well, if it scurries like a weasel, and sounds like a weasel .... I think it's time for your breast-feeding, crybaby.
  3. Works up to 5000 rpm. Similar to the engine sounds in the previously released "big block" three-pack. This one is geared for yet another rpm band, and features some very distinct effects and variations -- still playing around with some of those samples I gleaned from big-block engines. My favorite part of this package is the "stereo chorus" effect that occurs as the on-mid blends into the on-high, due to just the right amount of dissonance in the overlap. I find it neat. There are several nicely modeled cars in TDU that are set up for 5000 rpm, and I noticed that my lowest-rpm sound (6000 rpm) that I provided in the previous release, becomes almost atonal when it's restricted to a 5000-rpm car (so it's really best if you use that other one only with 6000-rpm cars or thereabouts). So I thought I would work something out for a 5000-rpm XMB. It turned out to be another time-consuming process for me, trying to get it to sound halfway decent. Anyway, I'm releasing this for those who may want to plug it into one of the 5000-rpm muscle cars (Challenger, Super Bee, or Firebird Trans Am, or any other muscle-car mod that's set for 5000-rpm physics). This was a tricky and complex XMB to work with -- especially considering that it's a really short rpm band. It was a lot more complicated than I expected. This particular "master" XMB file instructs some REALLY WEIRD "blends" and applies some really idiosyncratic processing effects onto the samples. It processes the "off gas" samples so that there's a profound bassy undertone superimposed across the "let-off" range, and when you apply the throttle the "off gas" samples seem to blend with the corresponding "on gas" samples in a particularly prominent manner. The trick was to keep it from getting too messy and to tweak the EQ and tonal textures of the samples so that they blended with some congruity. It would be nice to be able to directly tweak and adjust the XMB file which governs the samples for each sound package. But good luck trying to piece together that puzzle. If anyone has worked their way around one of those XMB's, I wish they would post a few clues here. Next project maybe I'll try something for a more exotic car. We'll see. Time to go out and find samples from a different kind of engine.... 5000-rpm sound, using Dodge Challenger -- Cragar wheels courtesy of wagnerpsc (in my low-res vid everything looks sucky, these rims look kick-ass in-game) https://rapidshare.com/files/905686341/5000_rpm_V8_Furnaceden.zip
  4. *Bump* version 1.1 released as explained in edited top-level post above. Again, here's the URL, the same as posted above: https://rapidshare.com/files/2736306405/Furnaceden_V8_Turbo_sound_mods_TDU_v1.1.zip
  5. Thanks for the comments! No prob, zero perspiration, catch me on the flip side....:cool:
  6. As I said in another post, bear with me as I am learning as I go here. Learning the hard way. V8 sounds based on samples I dug up from 572 cubic-inch engines. I spend an INORDINATE amount of time trying to find decent samples "recorded from the source" and then clean them up. It's ridiculous. And frustrating. And aggravating. I am releasing these "as is" even though I think they could still use a ton of work and refinement and cleaning up. I figured I had better release them now because I may never get them to a point where I'm actually really happy with them -- in fact if I didn't finally give it a rest I might have ended up deleting them completely out of frustration. I may decide to continue trying to improve them or I may move along to the next project. This one was honestly frustrating as "heck" or some other "--ck" word. These samples are still sloppy -- there is some hiss and other "phantom" sounds that are detectable, but I finally had to draw the line on trying to filter them out completely, because I didn't want to "over-process" the samples to the point where they lose all their ballsiness and realism. They are over-saturated, especially in the on-low samples, and some are worse than others in this regard. Sorry, but the samples were saturated to begin with, and when I started going to town on them with equalization and filtering and amplification, it just got off the scale. The off-gas sounds aren't as interesting or "angry" as I would have liked. The looping is clean enough, transitions could be worse, even though there may still be some equalization and tonality shifts across the spectrum; the 7000 rpm package is a little dodgy in the transition between on-low and on-mid, partly because there's a bit of variation in the "tonal texture" between those samples, and I felt like leaving the texture variation in there on that package, it makes it more interesting. One of these files is good for up to 6000, labeled for the Camaro Z28. It has a markedly different on-low from the other two. I may like this one the best, it's hard to say for sure. One of these files is good for up to 6500, labeled for the Ford GT. It has a different tonality, and is not as "ballsy" sounding as the other two, but it may be a little cleaner-sounding in samples and transitions. Even though the samples sources are technically from the wrong kind of engine (572 engines aren't "authentic" to the Ford GT), used with this XMB I think it sort of fits the Ford GT better than a classic muscle car, especially after a little tweaking and after changing the idle to provide a smoother hum. One of these files is good for up to 7000, labeled for the 'vette Z06 (the vid shows an El Camino that I body-swapped into the Z06 slot) -- this sounds best when used with that full rpm band, for cars that go up to or near 7000 rpm (when it's used on a 6000 rpm car or something like that, it's lacking the ripping high-end effect and the transitions also go to crap, so you just don't want to use it for a low-rpm car -- if for some reason you want to use this one for low-rpm, instead of the other lower-rpm one I provided, then you should maybe go into the modding tools and increase the rpm for that car's physics) -- NOTE that in the video for this one, I got the El Camino body-swapped into the Z06 spot; also note the gauge scale (as seen in the video) for this slot is not accurate, and this is also true for the original Z06 gauge as well. You can still use this sound for the "vanilla" Z06 if you like, although the idle might sound a little too "four-barrel carburetor" for a modern-day car. (For the original modern-day C6 'vettes in TDU, I myself actually use another modder's C6/Z06 sound file in which I cleaned up the looping and what-not to my satisfaction "for my own personal use" -- the original TDU C6 'vette sounds are some of the worst in the game. Don't remember exactly whose sound mod it is that I use for the C6's, but it is fairly smooth and thick-sounding, with a nice clean audio midrange.) 6000-rpm package https://rapidshare.com/files/1879901093/6000_rpm_V8_Furnaceden.zip 6500-rpm package (not as heavy-sounding as the other two) https://rapidshare.com/files/4106141231/6500_rpm_V8_Furnaceden.zip 7000-rpm package (El Camino body-swapped into Corvette Z06 slot - gauge scaled wrong for both original Z06 and El Camino, a typical TDU problem seen in a handful of car models) https://rapidshare.com/files/4862231/7000_rpm_V8_Furnaceden.zip
  7. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. Chevy big-blocks seem to be in demand! I am starting to work on it. I've been sifting through sounds for 454's, 502's, and 572's. (You know, the ones that require a fuel-truck to travel alongside you in order to make it from one gas-station to the other.) Please bear with me: I am relatively new at this, and it's a very time-consuming "learning" process for me, and I don't always have the time to spare. One of the problems is finding good, clean, rich-sounding samples with steady throttling at various points across the rpm band. I've been hunting around looking for good sounds, and so far it's a lot of sifting and a lot of mix-and-match. Then, you have to "pull" select segments from these samples and clean them up, equalize them and so forth, and get them to loop cleanly (the looping part can sometimes turn into a trial-and-error process because of constraints and idiosyncrasies associated with the 4-bit ADPCM WAVE format that TDU requires).
  8. Thanks for the compliments! I'll try to make the El Camino a priority if I get around to messing with any sounds in the near future. I'm thinking naturally aspirated for that one, no turbo effects. Like you say, it would need an "old school" sound, a little low crackle like a 383 or have a more choppy rumble like a four-barrel-carbed 454 or something. I'll dig around and see if I can come up with anything that sounds right. Maybe I can try to pull something together in the coming days. Thanks again for the feedback.
  9. EDIT: VERSION 1.1, released 11/16/2011 -- the file labeled for the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo now has a better idle; cleaned up the "scraping" sound in the idle, added a layer of rumble to the idle, and made the idle a bit lower and bassier. The Koenigsegg file is the same as before, if you already have it no need to change it, but both are included in the zip, same as I did for the original release. Also added another video here of the Saleen being driven badly. THIS LATER VIDEO IS LOUDER so watch your volume. (end of commentary on edit -- 11/16/2011) FORGIVE the lousy driving and low frame rates in the vids. I got an older system (and use a simple gamepad) and the fps goes to crap when I turn on Fraps video recording. Also forgive the novel-length post. I got diarrhea of the keyboard. Newer, LOUDER video, be careful with speaker settings if you turned 'em up to watch t'other one. Enjoy my horrendous driving and especially my vertical takeoff and landing about 2/3 through the vid (with the Beryllium/orange Saleen) Older video showing version 1.0 (quieter than vid above) - the changes in idle from v1.0 to 1.1 wouldn't really be that noticeable in this older vid ***NOTE there are two separate (but similar) sound packages in the zip file but these vids only show the lower-rpm one. What the title says. Cranked V8 sounds with TDU's obtrusive turbo hiss. Both sound packages sound similar, but geared for different rpm band, with some tonality variations. Started playing around with sound files. These two came out fair-sounding, I thought. A bit saturated, perhaps, with some "extra" noise arising due to over-amplification. TDU's engine-sound processing limitations sort of play hell with trying to get nice loud engine sounds.But perhaps someone may like to use them. I am not suggesting these are "authentic" reproductions of any particular car sounds. None of the sound files ever sound like the car they're supposed to anyway. IT'S ALL JUST FOR FUN. We're not running a critical simulation here. Plug 'em where you want to, or throw 'em out if you don't like 'em. RECOMMENDED to use these with cars that have the turbo setting ON. (You can check this using either Modding Tools or Performance Editor.) There are some "chirping artifacts" at the high-end that actually sort of enhance the overall sound when overlaid with the turbo hiss. The one labeled for the Saleen S7 TT is good up to around 7000 rpm. I like it for the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo with redline @ 6500 rpm. Gives it some nice crunch. Has a "wider" more open sound than the CC8 version. The one labeled for the CC8 is good up to around 7600 rpm. A little more compressed-sounding than the Saleen S7 -labeled version. I like it for either Koenigsegg. I actually use it for Illusion's CCX that I body-swapped into the CC8 slot. If you really focus on it and throttle it slow, you can hear a bit of sloppiness in the transition from on-low to on-mid. I messed with that transition quite a bit but it still doesn't quite do it for me. The video features the Saleen only. Like I said, the two files are similar in sound, so you can get the gist. The Koenigsegg CC8 and CCR as well as the Saleen S7 TT were based around Ford V8 engines, and they're all twin turbos, so I figure the similarities in sound are plausible within the game world. Again, put 'em where you want, rename them accordingly, just be mindful of the rpm and the recommended turbo "on." THE FURTHER DISSERTATION -- yikes somebody stop me I can't cease typing :ill: BOTH OF THESE two engine-sound packages are assembled based on some pretty good samples I "borrowed" that were floating around in a folder for a different driving game. Based on a Ford V8 engine. So the two packages I assembled provide similar sounds with some different blends and redlines, and some variations in tonality. I had to shape and edit the samples to an exhausting degree to get them to work somewhat cleanly with these cars in TDU. I am not 100 percent satisfied with these. For starters, I managed to fall into the over-saturation and/or over-distortion trap somewhat, in my attempts to make them sound ballsy. Clipping? You betcha. Also, I am not 100-percent happy with the low-to-mid transition in the CC8 version. It would be nice if somone knew how to modify the XMB files, because shaping each sound sample is one thing; but having to shoe-horn each WAVE component to blend and meld properly to satisfy the parameters of the controlling XMB, is inefficient and an irritation. In some ways, it's sort of like rotating the wall to tighten a screw. Also, due to TDU's limitations, samples degrade in quality and try to get hinky when you edit them for this game, and trying to get them loud enough is a royal pain. Not to mention the relative volume is set within the XMB. Any clues where and how to change it in the hexidecimal? Would be nice to be able to turn that up rather than only being able to adjust with the WAVE amplitude which leads to clipping right away. Anybody has any advice I'm all ears. Like I said, I use these for the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo and any of the Koenigseggs. Might also be OK for vehicles such as Mercedes SLR (no wastegate sound in the "turbo" whine so it's plausible as supercharger) or one of the SC Saleen 'stangs or maybe McLaren MP4-12C, among others. I got a bunch of other sound files that I've either reworked from the originals or am working on from other samples. In time I may release some of them. Thanks for reading my dissertation on these whopping 400- 500-some kilobyte files. Have a nice day. https://rapidshare.com/files/2736306405/Furnaceden_V8_Turbo_sound_mods_TDU_v1.1.zip
  10. This looks even better in-game than in the screen grabs. MUCH better. The pictures do not do it justice. Beautiful, a must-have. I wish someone could do a Buick Wildcat, Plymouth Fury, Ford Torino, '67 Charger, and/or a '57 Chevy Bel Air. Any of those would be real boss.
  11. IK and camera settings The interior on this model looks really, really good. I usually drive in trailing-view camera mode, but this one's a treat to look at inside. The IK is very problematic though. After trial-and-error ad nauseam, I came across these camera and IK settings which work out nicely. BY THE WAY, I body-swapped it onto the Nissan Nismo S-Tune slot (shouldn't matter one bit where cam and IK are concerned) ... ... ALSO, I don't know about the four-point seat belts and so forth. I got it set to "standard seat belts" in the TDUPE settings. I don't know or care what problems the IK settings cause with seat belts. I went through maybe two-dozen IK settings and most of them have the hands WAY off the steering wheel and/or the shifter, so there's not a lot of room to pick and choose. IK: Lamborghini Miura OR AC 289 -- these are as close to perfect as I could find. My first choice would by the Miura, you can try 'em both. Again, I got "standard seat belts" set. Hood Front: Edonis OR Pagani (per Kurgan777 in other thread) Nissan 350Z Coupe < this Nissan view gives more of a dash-cam which may be preferable to some Hood Back: Pagani Zonda C12S (per Kurgan777 in other thread) Cockpit Front: Koenigsegg CCR (my favorite, can see the side-mirror, seems fairly amenable to steering on-course) OR Ferarri F40 (per Kurgan777 in other thread, good all-around "safe" choice) OR Edonis (gives a view that's higher and just a little closer to the windshield, some may like this) OR Noble M14 (MUCH closer to steering wheel and windshield, clear view of road, some may like this) OR Lotus Exige 240R (seems similar to F40 view but is a little off-center to the right, so the roof support isn't so much in your face, but the off-center may be a little awkward) -- all of these work well, IMO, and have their pros and cons Cockpit back: Alfa Brera (it appears just outside rear window, nice and level and clean -- all the interior-looking rear cockpit views that actually worked still looked sorta crappy, but I like this Brera view)
  12. Hi, I have been playing with the excellent modding tools. In TDU PE under the "Aesthetic Values" tab, there are settings for Ride Height as well as Max Ride Height (both front and back). I have experimented with these settings over and over and over, with different cars. Here's what I observed: The "Ride Height" settings seem at least somewhat predictable. More often than not, they seem to set the height of the car above the wheels. That is, a really high Ride Height will give you a "monster truck" -looking suspension, and you can see the springs in the vehicle models and so forth. A really low Ride Height has the tops of the tires hidden under the fenders. It also seemed that, in some instances, the overall car (including tires and wheels) might be raised or lowered as a unit. (It's a bit tricky.) I understand that Ride Height also has a strong effect on the ride-handling physics of the car. The real baffling thing is the Max Ride Height. I have observed, on some cars, that LOWERING this value will actually raise the tires UP, as if it's part of an interdependent relationship with the suspension length (similar to Ride Height's effect on suspension but with the wheels being moved up or down rather than the body); and I think the viability of this is dependent on the aforementioned Ride Height. This raising or lowering of tires and wheels can be very useful when changing rim models and Default Rim settings and the rim-size values in the DB file, as sometimes the tires end up buried too far in the ground -- the stock McLaren GT, for example, has horrible tire placement out-of-the-box (they're mashed nearly rim-deep into the ground), and by changing the ride height and max ride height, I have it looking great. (For anybody interested, you can fix the McLaren GT tire height by setting the parameters in the Ride Heights box -- going from top-to-bottom -- at 150, 128, 220, 211.) However, on some cars, I have changed the Max Ride Height settings across a vast range -- sometimes LESS than the Ride Height and sometimes far greater. For example, keeping the Ride Heights at 170 and varying the Max Ride Height from 130 to 390, and not seeing any difference in suspension heights or tire heights. Anybody have a clear idea of how this works, and any concrete idea of how Ride Height and Max Ride Height interrelate? PS, sorry for my long-winded post, I was trying to be explicit.
  13. This is a fantastic collection of rims, and they look great in-game. Thanks!
  14. Uninstaller for coupe does not work Hi, The uninstaller for the 1972 coupe does not work. When I run the installer/uninstaller, it says "vehicle already installed" but the "uninstall" button is not functional and is grayed out. I can verify that the uninstallers for the other two Ferrari-Saleen replacements (the 1968 coupe and the 1972 Spyder) DO work. Only this one doesn't. My game is patched to 1.68 and all that other good stuff.
  15. Another dead link. Any chance of getting the download up and running again?
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