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  1. Man, this poor site is busted as hell. I know it's not the site operators' fault, but I'm just sayin. For a game that ages as well as TDU you'd think the modders/uploaders might do a tiny bit of upkeep for all their initial hard work, rather than just letting all this stuff expire into a dead-end archive of "what once was." One dead link after another, or in this instance the "link" is to a URL-shrinker that gets you into a nearly endless loop of Captcha's, and if you finally break out of it, all you get is redirected to a facebook page in Russian with some images of cars. I really h
  2. Poor "Doctor G" Had to wait until after the thread was old news and on the secondary pages, before sticking your nose in here with your comment, eh, Doc Weasel? I was away from here for awhile, otherwise I would have replied sooner. I didn't realize I had unfinished business with your weaselly little Barney Fife self. You sound like you feel inadequate there, lil' G. Frustrated, even, that an "expert" like yourself can't even get basic transitions to line up on your contrived-sounding schlock. Bitter that my sounds got some sincere positive feedback. Awww.... Did
  3. Works up to 5000 rpm. Similar to the engine sounds in the previously released "big block" three-pack. This one is geared for yet another rpm band, and features some very distinct effects and variations -- still playing around with some of those samples I gleaned from big-block engines. My favorite part of this package is the "stereo chorus" effect that occurs as the on-mid blends into the on-high, due to just the right amount of dissonance in the overlap. I find it neat. There are several nicely modeled cars in TDU that are set up for 5000 rpm, and I noticed that my lowest-rpm
  4. *Bump* version 1.1 released as explained in edited top-level post above. Again, here's the URL, the same as posted above: https://rapidshare.com/files/2736306405/Furnaceden_V8_Turbo_sound_mods_TDU_v1.1.zip
  5. As I said in another post, bear with me as I am learning as I go here. Learning the hard way. V8 sounds based on samples I dug up from 572 cubic-inch engines. I spend an INORDINATE amount of time trying to find decent samples "recorded from the source" and then clean them up. It's ridiculous. And frustrating. And aggravating. I am releasing these "as is" even though I think they could still use a ton of work and refinement and cleaning up. I figured I had better release them now because I may never get them to a point where I'm actually really happy with them -- in fact if I didn't f
  6. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. Chevy big-blocks seem to be in demand! I am starting to work on it. I've been sifting through sounds for 454's, 502's, and 572's. (You know, the ones that require a fuel-truck to travel alongside you in order to make it from one gas-station to the other.) Please bear with me: I am relatively new at this, and it's a very time-consuming "learning" process for me, and I don't always have the time to spare. One of the problems is finding good, clean, rich-sounding samples with steady throttling at various points across the rpm band. I
  7. Thanks for the compliments! I'll try to make the El Camino a priority if I get around to messing with any sounds in the near future. I'm thinking naturally aspirated for that one, no turbo effects. Like you say, it would need an "old school" sound, a little low crackle like a 383 or have a more choppy rumble like a four-barrel-carbed 454 or something. I'll dig around and see if I can come up with anything that sounds right. Maybe I can try to pull something together in the coming days. Thanks again for the feedback.
  8. EDIT: VERSION 1.1, released 11/16/2011 -- the file labeled for the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo now has a better idle; cleaned up the "scraping" sound in the idle, added a layer of rumble to the idle, and made the idle a bit lower and bassier. The Koenigsegg file is the same as before, if you already have it no need to change it, but both are included in the zip, same as I did for the original release. Also added another video here of the Saleen being driven badly. THIS LATER VIDEO IS LOUDER so watch your volume. (end of commentary on edit -- 11/16/2011) FORGIVE the lousy driving and low frame ra
  9. This looks even better in-game than in the screen grabs. MUCH better. The pictures do not do it justice. Beautiful, a must-have. I wish someone could do a Buick Wildcat, Plymouth Fury, Ford Torino, '67 Charger, and/or a '57 Chevy Bel Air. Any of those would be real boss.
  10. IK and camera settings The interior on this model looks really, really good. I usually drive in trailing-view camera mode, but this one's a treat to look at inside. The IK is very problematic though. After trial-and-error ad nauseam, I came across these camera and IK settings which work out nicely. BY THE WAY, I body-swapped it onto the Nissan Nismo S-Tune slot (shouldn't matter one bit where cam and IK are concerned) ... ... ALSO, I don't know about the four-point seat belts and so forth. I got it set to "standard seat belts" in the TDUPE settings. I don't know or car
  11. Hi, I have been playing with the excellent modding tools. In TDU PE under the "Aesthetic Values" tab, there are settings for Ride Height as well as Max Ride Height (both front and back). I have experimented with these settings over and over and over, with different cars. Here's what I observed: The "Ride Height" settings seem at least somewhat predictable. More often than not, they seem to set the height of the car above the wheels. That is, a really high Ride Height will give you a "monster truck" -looking suspension, and you can see the springs in the vehicle models and so for
  12. This is a fantastic collection of rims, and they look great in-game. Thanks!
  13. Uninstaller for coupe does not work Hi, The uninstaller for the 1972 coupe does not work. When I run the installer/uninstaller, it says "vehicle already installed" but the "uninstall" button is not functional and is grayed out. I can verify that the uninstallers for the other two Ferrari-Saleen replacements (the 1968 coupe and the 1972 Spyder) DO work. Only this one doesn't. My game is patched to 1.68 and all that other good stuff.
  14. Another dead link. Any chance of getting the download up and running again?
  15. Any chance of getting a working link for downloading the Zonda F? It looks ... real ... boss. The Rapidshare and Gamefront links are no longer working. Searched the 'net and couldn't find one. Found the version 1.01. From the pics the interior looks different -- not better, just different. Not sure what other differences.
  16. Here's a solution I realize this is an old thread but it never hurts to broadcast a viable answer. Hopefully TDU modding will live on, and hopefully we can get some good new engine sounds if a few more people with a decent ear and some concept of "layers" can come to understand the idiosyncrasies of TDU's somewhat cramped audio-file system. I hope to roll out a few new ones myself. I had the same frustrating problem. The ADPCM file format gets "corrected" to accommodate the block-alignment "rules." I have been mucking around with Audacity and other popular freeware and ad-suppor
  17. You want "constructive comments"? OK, first off, don't insult others who ought to make you feel privileged and honored by asking for and actually attending to your "observations." Let's not forget, you got the whole pissing contest going by petulantly demanding "thanks," and then after receiving solicited thanks, replied with "It's ok, next time you ask for help, I'll remember to not waste my time answering." Classy! Secondly, quit acting like Barney Fife on caffeine. Thirdly, most -- and I mean like 9 out of 10 -- of your sound mods, are either hyper-saturated, amplified-t
  18. Wow, talk about unnecessary. I'll never help you again, you didn't trip over your feet thanking me for my "brilliance." :-x:mad::cry:
  19. The car model looks very good but when you pop the hood the driver's-side window magically floats up into the air along the same arc as the hood. That's a noticeable flaw in an otherwise cool feature.
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