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  1. yes please :) someone take a look and make it? :D
  2. oh god, i think this is the best looking car that went in tdu :D
  3. can someone help me? how do i use the camera from 300C? :D
  4. thanks for link update !:D can't wait to test it
  5. and btw, the link isnt working at me (it shows me the filefront home page ,not the volvo 850.zip page) :(
  6. oh god! thanks alot! im so happy theres a volvo in tdu :D
  7. Man i love you! finally someone makes a volvo mod for tdu :D keep it going, it looks great!:thumbsup::D good luck
  8. Indeed ,it would be very nice to add seat in game. I hope someone will make at least one of these. great idea! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :monkeydance::drool:
  9. I'm Almeu and i love the Volvos, Saabs, Renaults and a few other cars :D
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