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  1. Hey guys. First over all thanks for all the reactions you had about my photographs. I am pretty happy to hear that these was at your tastes. But they're not my favourites from the shooting. I quickly upload on Flickr some of the pictures and took without really selecting these. I've some others which are better as my point of view. You know the truth ! Hum about my pictures, after have talked with some photographers friends, I been let know about the fact that the bokeh is pretty weird, and they thought that this was certainly the reason of an over-use of the clarity option. Indeed I felt a lack of sharpness by viewing my pictures, and thought that the clarity would make a better result.. It seems that they're not sharing with me the same conception. Whereas I selected the collimator on which I want to makes the auto-focus the final picture sometimes had a lack of sharpness.. And I don't understand why the faces weren't sharp. So if you guys would help me to find an answer, this would very a good help :p Should I, next time, use the manual focus or is there an issue ? The lens used there is the 50mm 1.8 from Canon. Is there some people who lived the same experience with this lens ? Thanks in advance for all your help :) The same photographers also talked me about the shadows ( the parts hidden that you could makes appear by using Flashes ). I don't know the English translation of "bouchée". But well, no flash.. Except the one integrated to the body.
  2. I knew when I wrote this, how it could be understood ( 2 meaning was possible ). But anyway, thanks for this joking time :) Not so sure about if you been naughty, just had a quite of humour ^^ . Thankies guys for the comment's, I appreciate !
  3. After have written this, I understood how it turned out. I meant that the photo-shoot been easy for the photographer ( me ) because the girls found herself the rights poses for make a nice result :) Said thus, does it have another meaning ?
  4. I had a photo-shoot on Monday, and, well, I would have your point of view about the pictures I took. What's positive what's negative, if you're seeing what I am talking about. The girls were nice, and I did not have any difficults to make them do nice things. I hope you'll enjoy watching these pictures. 1) May fly par P A Photography, sur Flickr 2) Wonderful dress par P A Photography, sur Flickr 3) Surpised par P A Photography, sur Flickr 4) Touching par P A Photography, sur Flickr 5) Looking par P A Photography, sur Flickr 6) Showing par P A Photography, sur Flickr 7) Moving par P A Photography, sur Flickr
  5. Spit different par P A Photography, sur Flickr Wet fully par P A Photography, sur Flickr Monuments Nîmois et silhouette par P A Photography, sur Flickr Shining up the trees. par P A Photography, sur Flickr Sunset versus Montains par P A Photography, sur Flickr Astrophotographie. La nuit des étoiles. par P A Photography, sur Flickr
  6. Receive many thanks from myself. I started many months ago to play again to TDU, and that's certainly because some modders been interested in to done news mods to makes the game better. And about the camera, this was the first reason why I was posting. This car was needing a better one ! I'll try the one that you suggested. This car has enough power for being a cruising car. I'm lovin' it !
  7. Again me .. Fish filet. par P A Photography, sur Flickr Do you want some more food ?
  8. For proove you that I am not dead during this time ! I did not get the time to go forum's and not so many time to give to the photography. In every case there is a picture which want to make you eat something with chocolate :p Soft of Chocolate; To appreciate. par P A Photography, sur Flickr
  9. Some others .. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  10. Let me make something for your eyes .. I think you'll like that :p 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  11. That's my turn ... I promised a day I'd post some car pic's in this thread .. so this day arrived. Little Bull par P A Photography, sur Flickr Made in England par P A Photography, sur Flickr
  12. Two of my friends called me during the week and asked me if I would take some pictures of them. I instantely answer they : YES. Here is a sample of what I did along this photoshoot : She seems to dream .. of what ? par P A Photography, sur Flickr Take a look at me. par P A Photography, sur Flickr
  13. Thanks man. Sincerely I prefer the fifth one, but lots of guy told me the fourth one is nice. No one think same as me or as you. ^^ If you want a bigger size ask me I could give it you by PM. And I'll delete my copyright.
  14. We spoke long hours about that subject, don't you understood the 600D is the better choice to make ? I have to agree with Tom when he said these two cameras has the same features, but for 40 $ more, If I was you I'd instantly come for the 600D. Lots of guys discuss about the utility of the screen you can move. It's a useful thing and was one of the reason when I purchased my 60D. You could ask to Alex for example, who definitely convince me to buy this camera. And if you're someone who need the small LCD screen on the top of the camera, buy the 60D. At the actual time the 600D is certainly one of the better camera to buy price/quality. All I said is my point of view ...
  15. After a long time without any sign of life from me, here is some shots I took yersteday : Cesna saw by a different angle. par P A Photography, sur Flickr I can live, I can fly ! par P A Photography, sur Flickr Will a third world war will begin ? par P A Photography, sur Flickr Everyone seem to be here par P A Photography, sur Flickr So Magical par P A Photography, sur Flickr
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