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    lamby's the hustla :D
  1. lambyroadstr

    i gotta problem

    it didnt help i added tdu to my firewall nuffin happend whats my problem plz help
  2. lambyroadstr

    i gotta problem

    when i install tdu on my vista homeprimuim computer, when i click 'play tdu' threres 2 black screens that pop up then it goes away and nothing shows up whats the problem?
  3. lambyroadstr

    hey guys im lambyroadstr

    hey guys :D i'm lambyroadstr and i will be playing test drive unlimited in couple days once my new cd comes for it. if any of u play lfs on the ltc demo server my user name is lambyroadstr so we can hook up on the serveer [ by hook up i mean hangout]! k well see you guys around on tdu:thumbsup::monkeydance: