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    TDU of course :D
  1. could someone please convert this MK2 Ford Escort from Forza 4 to TDU ? many thanks Jake [ATTACH]18066[/ATTACH]
  2. Awesome mod mate Thanks very much :)
  3. hi all i would like this MK2 Ford Escort RS1800 from Forza 4 in TDU please [ATTACH]17734[/ATTACH] Many Thanks Jake
  4. MK2 Ford Escort RS1800 From Forza 4 please ;)
  5. Awesome Focus but why not convert some cars that haven't already been done for TDU ? like the Lotus Cortina or MK2 escort ?
  6. thanks mate i found password and Awesome mod by the way :D
  7. what is the password so i can extract the rar file ?
  8. i love this car especially the no spoiler version its Awesome....Epic work [email protected] + rep if i can :D
  9. thanks very much Minime891 my game is now perfect with the new tires :-)
  10. hi all i just recently downloaded some tires with better textures but the only problem is i have no clue where the files go:confused: and there isn't a read me so if someone could help me i would really appreciate it. thanks Jake
  11. Awesome golf [email protected] but i have a question are the tires you use released or not ? thanks
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