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  1. I have tried to contact Atari about this problem and there is no response! The problem is when playing in offline mode, you can't purchase the DLC cars and bikes with the money you earn in the game! Warning to anyone who is going to purchase DLC you have no access to it when you are offline!! I have tried using a online profile in offline mode and Atari has locked me out of what I payed RL money for!!! Atari could fix this problem with a update and alow people to purchase the payed DLC offline!
  2. Have you tried using the TestDrive2_EXE_v097_build6_original .exe? You can't run the game unpacked with the current updated .exe
  3. Hello Carlo eden/atari has blocked playing online with the game unpacked. They have taken our freedom away from everyone who does enjoy car body & sound mods. We are now forced to play offline when anyone would use the game unpacked. This will make TDU 2 maybe last another year. People that did enjoy playing online with car body & sound mods will no longer have that freedom. Games are about having fun not about playing the game how some greedy gaming company would want us to. The only thing tdu 2 players have to look foward to is dlc that the greedy idiots at eden/atari will ask people to pay for.
  4. OK Was there really any reason to be rude? I am asking anyone that no's how to help me with this problem to post. The guide that was made about the Hidden & PNJ clothes does not really give alot of info on how to do this. It does say that I need an Hex editor & the bad news is I don't no much about using one. The game does load ok, when I am in game my av will be invisible only the head and some of the other body is ok.
  5. I need someone to post what names need to be placed in the decrypted Db_data.cpr. When I try to do what the guide says from Use hidden clothes - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Source to add the PNJ & Hidden clothes it makes the game crash. That would also help others that have the problem I am having. :)
  6. I now am able to decrypt /encrypt the file. Could someone please post a tutorial, on what names I need to change to get all of the hidden & PNJ clothes ?
  7. I am not the only one that says tdudec will not encrypt/decrypt the db_data.cpr file here is proof XeNTaX View topic - Test Drive Unlimited 2 [2011/BNK]
  8. This is what I get when I try to decrypt the file 朥ȱ녃睺䷲쭀⢊跂஻謯蒗隧�蹅詬䷡㬣鷠㇊톶팽磔ㅧ풫茐丵朌쭊៦✏⼐雋ᣉꈕ㜪䍺땼ꐇ⿠ӝ胯赒㟹ᔃت*瑬豊遇ﰗ偖㜩㪤ꠧ桺㿎楬룫輫끰뒟ইᄉ�坄폍僴揾栂鎠穡痭㊜荝ᴱ莻ᣴ䃰壖浪↨﫧娨㉟Ꞧᓥुꦏ篅쫇ᬾӔ沣銔媐䱠躝य℻�렣쭸萶為䍵題἗쌱亣獙솪ޞբ짋ዩ㲇珼�き톺⼮㮡龸䑉戢뎻�搨ﴵ킾熐ᠮ昗�獘劤棻穷曞嫄ᡣ἗윱亣፨탐弘逓�්흜㦋贈᠛쎃먓Ʝ�⫥�띫謿墝뢸艠㖝狳ᆂ소಄窱镄⫔褀쀞즔酬බ褘㡰傘⦀ត姯忞ᴣ溝┟金쎾睸䯙⏺瞮ឝ늦罴ի̀⤠糽䐐忭릧쉳౰蓝⥈鞮䲅朿ະꎧ뎦铤슉碣䅊�✔菱ᥦ❏ﭾ즃덩驻숊᜻屉葃쬣⍘㓑鿑쁪쌂츴覮⦒⨁頋䱤훻桀绌ﳡ뷕쯺ျ틌낷㚖茘 When I use the " it will not decrypt. ---------- Post added at 18:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 17:38 PM ---------- Here is the guide I found on how to open the db_data.cpr file Use hidden clothes - Test Drive Unlimited 2 Source Tdudec will not decrypt/encrypt the file. If anyone does no of the program used to open the file please post it here.
  9. I am using the tdudec, my problem is with the .bat this is what I have inside of it : tdudec d Db_data.cpr db_data.cpr_dec 1 tdudec e db_data.cpr Db_data.cpr 1
  10. I have tried using tdudec and it will not encrypt/decrypt the db_data.cpr file. What would I need to encrypt/decrypt this file?
  11. I have tried to use the link, to download tdupe. Could someone please post another link to download tdupe?
  12. New Diner Mod, replace the edi_a in Test Drive Unlimited/Euro/Bnk/Level/Hawai/Spots.Look at the picture, for more details on what changes was made on the diner.Version 2 of diner mod added for download,version 2 has a diffrent diner pinup.
  13. The DB has a few cars and bikes modded.Most of the cars and bikes received more bhp, better handling and lowed.The Db can only be used offline only.I was bored of the slower and some of the faster cars in the game, so this is what I have made and wanted to share with others that play tdu offline.I did have the megapack installed when modding the cars, you will also need the magic map to allow larger file size.:) [mod edit] Physics hacks are against the rules. Do not post them. Thanks
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