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  1. Please new downloadlink, oftewel kom nou op... :D Die nederlandse werkt niet.
  2. Could you also make the sportbreak version of this mod? Like the touring, i would lovin that :)
  3. Hey friend :), my name ingame is Flippa-F we got cruising Fridag cruised realistic and i liked, when we can play again :) Later IndyJones :P
  4. I'm driving at the moment into a Audi S6, black, like luxury:excited:
  5. Hello guys, Can someone make a Mazda 6 sportbreak touring 2.0? Here some pics. http://www.speurders.nl/overzicht/autos/mazda/mazda-6-sportbreak-2-0-executive-136pk-stationwagon-5-drs-50255565.html There you can see the interior/exterior. I hope someone can make it. Later, GekkieJ01
  6. Here's where the files are located Sound is in Euro/Bnk/Sound/Vehicules Interior Exterior is in Euro/Bnk/Vehicules Bnk1.map is in Euro/Bnk Database (you probably don't need this yet) is in Euro/Bnk/Database _____________________ Hope this helps! PM me if you have any questions! :) -Leadfoot
  7. Remember to BACK UP ANY FILES YOU REPLACE! It's a big pain to have to find a backup file if you forget. On the new mod download pages, there's usually a link to Djey's "Magic Map" file, which is called Bnk1.map. You'll need this to use any mods. That file is located in Atari/Test Drive Unlimited/Euro/Bnk. The car you're downloading will come in some form of a compressed file, like a .zip or .rar or whatever. Open it in Winzip or Winrar or whatever (I personally prefer to use 7-Zip). Inside is (in most cases) a ReadMe file, an interior and exterior, and a rim file). - Open the Atari/Test Drive Unlimited/Euro/Bnk/Vehicules directory (no idea why Atari decided to spell it that way :cheeky: ), and copy the files for the interior and exterior into there. The files are pretty self-explanatory: Drag those files into the directory and click yes to overwrite. ____________________ (Message too long)
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