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  1. what do you think? I just re-edit my previous ZR1... Preview: sorry for the distort sound, maybe fraps error or something.. Download: WIP
  2. Samples from GTR and FM4 Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?g14wxd3bwssipgz
  3. Converted from FM4 and PGR.. Video: V.1 Download: V.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?iwd1dbyv66114cf
  4. thanks... actually i only change the 'on' sound..the rest is still Original, include the BOV...
  5. Convert the sound from Impreza's FM4... Preview: Download http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jkz8765zyz6tc8i
  6. Thank youu verry muuuchhhh.......really love this car....
  7. mm..people really have different taste...me, i preffer V1 also... you're welcome by the way...:)
  8. woow...that's rude..:( but thanks for the comment anyway... :D btw, just added the V1... hope you like it..:thumbsup:
  9. just added V2...hope it doesn't sound like a toyota...:D
  10. love the high rpm...but try to tune the low or the mid sound (raised the tone..) it cant eliminate the "jumping" tunes between low and high rpms...
  11. i still manage it to match the exact tone on high RPMS to eliminate the "flanger" effect at 6800-7000 rpm..and fix the low freq... what do you think? Preview: Download: beta
  12. 1. i record it directly from my Xbox... :p 2. i use fraps...
  13. you mean "cruising" low? or the Very low sound? i've made the loud low...
  14. Converted from FM4 and GT5's SLS amg..and lower the tone a little..so that can match the real SLS's red line.. btw sorry for the sound quality of the video... download link: sls_amg_high.rar
  15. i have the sample sound of rrrroaring Vtec.....cant wait to use it....
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