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  1. u need to instal unofficial patch
  2. you can find it here https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt
  3. 2009 International 3800 Caisson Elementary C Class School Bus for TDU2 https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt
  4. https://vk.com/album-84102491_252702336?z=photo-84102491_457239631%2Falbum-84102491_252702336
  5. more TDU2 mods here https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt
  6. included in model all mods here https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt
  7. Fully ray traced interior shading - нихера непонятно, но интересно ))
  8. 2018 Ford Mustang GT Fastback DeBerti Design Gram Lights Rims TDU2 by StarGT https://vk.com/album-84102491_209498596
  9. Rolls-Royce car mods for Test Drive Unlimited 2 https://vk.com/album-84102491_209769204
  10. https://vk.com/photo-84102491_350461346
  11. if you already unpack your TDU2 , you need to add EURO folder from archive and chage it with your Eurod folder on PC
  12. use my group link https://vk.com/tdu2_carmods_by_stargt
  13. ALL FORDs mods https://vk.com/album-84102491_209498596
  14. https://vk.com/album-84102491_274896221
  15. Version 1.0.0


    1985 Ford RS200 Evolution Group B for Test Drive Unlimited 2 Converted by StarGT Replace Lancia Delta 3D model from Forza Horizon 4 Camera from Ferrari F430 ID 244
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