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  1. hi guys, ive just reinstalled tdu and have put the cars of my choice on, can someone please tell me how to slow a car down, also is there a way to disable the annoying ai drivers?. i take it the servers are down for good, cheers. ok i got tdupe working now im after more traffic, any ideas?
  2. what about gta 4? and superhyper you should have some respect, its partly because of people like 2cv, djay, and other modders that slip my memory that tdu1 has had such a long life
  3. i agree, i think atari put the thumb screws on eden:oook:
  4. if they do that i would be happy to, but do you not think they should have done it before release. i know tdu1 had problems at the beginning but the fundamentals were there, at the end of the day its a driving game thats not nice to drive, ive been playing games since i was 5 (27 years) and ive never seen a half finished cash cow of a game such as this. i know im having a bit of a rant but this is why people are getting bored/stop playing
  5. i agree accept i think they know exactly what there doing, atari was in trouble, people were still playing tdu1 so they rushed a second one, hyped the nuts off it and boosted pre orders to get as many sales as possible coz they new when people play it they will slate it. just looking at the forum even the die hards are chucking the towel in
  6. i would have gladly waited the extra time for a decent game, i didnt even like doing the races in the first one, i just bolted it to hardcore mode then met up with my pals half pissed and just drove,it made a change from trying to shave a tenth of a second off your lap time. theres no way in the world im going to do that with the new more rubbish one because its just not nice to drive. apart from the lack of physics there is a huge dead spot in the middle of the wheel purely coz its made for a pad. thing is allot of games have done this recently, just ported a console game to the pc and the pc is suffering because of it, the boys on battlefield 3 have got it right they make it for the pc then water it down for the console. downloadable content was supposed to be just extra content but developers these days think its acceptable to release a half finished game and patch the arse off it, ive seen this allot lately but tdu2 takes it to new hights
  7. i wouldn't say bored, more annoyed. ive gone back to tdu1 simply coz its a better drive, i tried sticking it out with tdu2 but as said before there is arcade and theres rubbish, look at forza, you can drive that with 1BUTTON, how much more arcady can you get, but for the people that actually want to drive you can turn the assists off, then at least you feel like you driving it. tdu2 had the potential to be one of the best games ever made but they fell at the first hurdle. if they done a total rework of the physics (or lack of) i mite pick it up again but the way i feel at the moment is (and i cant believe im saying this after how much i liked the first one) the best thing about tdu2 is the box it came in. :eek:
  8. 4:hardcore i know some people like it but i cant stand it, ive stopped playing because of it.
  9. arrrggghh, ive just tried 30 times, the problems with this game are getting harder and harder to ignore
  10. yeah green fullcone, will keep trying then, nice one
  11. dont know about anyone else but aint been able to connect all day.
  12. yeh my mistake, but either way we done it at the same time and neither showed, aint checked today tho
  13. i only put my codes in today, i got the casino straight away and the jacket but my car aint showing up yet, a pal of mine put the codes for cars he got off the site at the same time and there not showing either.
  14. thats pretty much how ive got um mate, i messed about with them for hours. there still seems to be a dead zone even tho its right down, must be for the pad users.
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