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  1. Hey everyone, I've just noticed this thread. Here are a few I've taken from carspotting in London.
  2. Yeah it's the original 0.4 patch with the added wing, No idea what the wing came off originally.
  3. Oh you know, It could be a tad bit more blue to contrast with the sun, But I think I managed to 'wing' it. :chuckle:
  4. YOOOOOO back at ya! :D
  5. Managed to find another pic of the post-DMC kit sunset shoot. :nods: :rockon:
  6. Who doesn't wash their car at 3am... Really like the outcome of this car, Colour is based off a Kuwaiti diplomatic SLR often seen around Central London.
  7. Cruising time. $8.2M in the picture.
  8. I just love driving this now. Aventador LP760-4 with the original & DMC spoilers up. Seems wrong to put it in a bright colour like I always used to have it before. :twisted:
  9. Evening!, Here is a good friend of mine and I in our 2003 SLR Mclarens. Did a 'slight' boost of power & torque up to 722bhp & 860lb respectively, To make it more responsive for my right foot. :P
  10. Thanks Scott, The sunsets on TDU2 are really impressive imo. But I had a timeline of less than a minute to do what I wanted before the sun went altogether. Here is my main collection of Bugattis (Yes, I do have more), Some of these are quite old, Dating back to when I didn't care much for detail. From left to right in the first picture: Veyron SS redone to look like a Grandsport Vitesse. Veyron Grandsport L'Or Blanc (means white gold), Made out of layers of porcelain irl. Veyron 16.4 Dubai Police. Veyron 16.4 Seacrest County PD (Based on the model from NFS Hot Pursuit 2010). Veyron Sang Bleu redone to my own imagination of a Dubai Edition, Gloss Yellow w/ chrome blue accents. Veyron SS redone to look like a SS 1/1 Pur Blanc (Shame about the orange rims but I drive the other SS more.). Better view of the opposite end.
  11. Haha thanks! It is the same car but it never stays the same colour for too long.
  12. Ok sorry for the confusion there Diablo & Andreas. I can admit I do lack a fair bit in what Diablo posted back haha. But at least you've shown me the right path. On that note, Here's my freshly arrived Lamborghini Aventador complete with a DMC wing & 760bhp tune.
  13. Hey guys!, I'm back with a few more pics of my Impreza, Slowly progressed with this over 3 years. All my paint jobs & stickering are done ingame. BTW my Chrome browser keeps crashing when I upload photos, So open the links in a new window and they will show up. Cheers!
  14. First few pics are of my CCXR, My best imitation of the CCXR 'Special One' 1/1 customised exclusively for Nasser Al-Thani, Who is in the Qatari Royal Family. Enjoy!
  15. Hey Everyone, I've been playing TDU2 since the outset and I've been able to rack up quite a fair amount of photos. So, In this thread I'll try and showcase some of the best ones. Enjoy! ThFntm in TDU2 PC
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