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  1. Hahaha. Esti roman. :))) Sa mor daca am vazut pana acum. Ma bucur ca cineva care face sunete atat de bune e roman. Credeam ca eu si cu Alex suntem signurii :))

    1. hi sorry but i cant download the sound mod of challenger plisss you can help me?

      1. No need to build on another bnk. Just pitch up each sample with the same amount and you won't mess the transitions.
      2. Wow,good job. Altough, I think you should pitch up the whole mod a little bit to make the car seem to rev higher. In my opinion it just doesnt rev enough.
      3. Alright, thanks a lot :)

        1. Watch out, your PM inbox is full and you cannot recieve any more PM's. As for the permission to use my sound mod, I do not see any reason not to use it as long as I get credited properly. I'm glad my sound mod had been a good use for you. Greetings, Urban

          1. At a point both of u guys just moved somewhere back and when I wanted to come to you, you disappeared.
          2. So the number of players around me on the GPS keeps changing from second to second....
          3. Let's assume that I'm on "isolate". What should I do to change it?
          4. Nah it's online. Sometimes I can actually meet the players ingame, but mostly I can only see them on the map. Someone told me that it's the servers' fault.
          5. Guys, this is my 2nd day on TDU online. I saw Ryzza on the map (m) and went there but couldn't see him ingame. I kept chasing him for like 15 minutes but I still couldnt see anything. On map was showing that he was next to me.
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