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  1. Yeah he's unfortunately right. Last time we met I was seeing you as having connection issues (the little icon)...
  2. I missed it :( I was connected at 17h GMT +1 so 18h CEST.
  3. I'd probably be here, but what is 17h CEST ? Cause I'm GMT+01, which time will it be for me ? Thx
  4. Did you cheat to get these :confused: Cause I saw on another topic another guy that was selling vehicles for $1000, and he was actually cheating...
  5. All's in the title ^^ I'd like both with 3rd perf kit, any colour for the Kawasaki and preferately yellow for the CSR. Make your offers here !
  6. Well what I can suggest is the last solution you should use. You can download an iso file of TDU, then install the game and use your CD key when it's asked. This is allowed (in France at least) ONLY if you already bought a copy. The law permits to download a content you already have but not more ! If this message is against the forum's rules, please delete it.
  7. I've sent you a invite, accept it at the news section while youre in your house.
  8. I plan playing TDU2 but I need to buy a computer that is powerful enough first. That's why I keep playing TDU1 for now ;)
  9. Hi guys ! I'm looking for a cool club where I can cruise with some people instead of cruising all alone. I also need a club to get to the ace level ;) So if anyone has a place in his club, then reply here :) My ingame pseudo : Lazer-poulet
  10. I think we don't hear the turbo enough in low RPM's. Great job anyway =)
  11. :crying: I won't be able to play TDU2 when it'll be released...
  12. My entry : -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
  13. Really nice pics ! Hop it'll be released soon :drool:
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