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  1. That is 100% awsome! Can't wait to download.
  2. Great job. What's up with the blue interior?
  3. ???? How specificaly do you change the ride height?:confused::confused: I have Djey's modding tools but I can't find it one there. I'd love to know because I like this car a lot.:):)
  4. Hey friend :), my name ingame is Flippa-F we got cruising Fridag cruised realistic and i liked, when we can play again :) Later IndyJones :P
  5. Great job. The Range Rover is one of my favorite SUV's. Too bad no one has ever made a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. That's my favorite SUV. This is still really nice and will hold me over until a Cayenne comes along.
  6. Great job. I like the newer body style viper better but this one is still pretty sweet. It looks amazing in that red.
  7. Great job. I already downloaded.
  8. Great job. Even though the interior isn't done it's still amazing.
  9. That Rapidshare works like crap :( Since I'm not a premium user it's giving me problems. Could you please put FileFront on it . FileFront always works fine :)
  10. Great job on them. They are a lot cooler than the odler versions in TDU. I love it with the top down!
  11. Great job. This one makes it look like a newb made the Atari one. Probably a newb did make it...
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