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  1. I've applied =DDD Hoping to get chosen. So this is a closed beta right? I'm still confused about closed/open.
  2. I see, which means, before the patch was released. Players had to spend a lot of cash to buy these cars? woah..
  3. thaik

    Logitech G27

    Really? the G25 that came out recently don't have the clicking noise in the shifter? Does that mean it's more sturdy ? In that case, it's great !! I don't own either the g25 or g27, so I'm a bit confused. And I also notice you can buy a replacement shifter module from eBay. That's awesome too, but the clicking noise is still there as you mentioned. And I'm worried about modding the shifter since there's a risk that you can break it if you're not careful.
  4. Well, that might be the case. I tried doing that too. But there's not as much detail as in the picture. Unless I'm wrong. Btw thanks for replying. Can't wait for TDU2 =))
  5. If I were you, I would avoid at all cost buying via Download, especially from Atari website, there are so many problem with that. I did that, and they gave me an Activation code and an Unlock key that's not even valid. I contacted them many times by emailing them, and it's almost always an auto-reply. And they actually answer to you email, they are asking the same over and over, or they simply say that they can't help, contact, digital river etc. blabla.. And if you're lucky, the activation code and unlock key might be valid ones. But, not everything is solved. When you happen to reinstall your system, change computer or something in the hardware, the activation might not work, since they consider it as if you switch computer. When that happen you might have to call them to get a new one. I heard it's very annoying since, nobody's there to answer, and it takes forever. I know some ppl who fight for months in order to get a new key. IMHO, I suggest you bought a CD version, activation code will always work no matter where you ihstall your game. I bought mine from eBay, sure, it might cost twice the original price if you include the shipping, but in the end it's worth it. I wish you goodluck. =]
  6. Yea, sure I know we can do that, but I notice they are actually in Photo mode, the picture is even in the photo album. The picture even has a name: Front Room. They are using all the option from the Photo Mode, Saturation.. Radical Blur, Zoom in/out.. Btw, I dunno if you are seeing the same thing as me. It's in Photo Mode ->> Scroll down, there's a picture of the living room.
  7. Hey I would like to know how to take photos of the interior of our houses just like here : http://www.wolf.lightning-bolt.net/tdu-faq/ scroll down =]:):)
  8. Well, actually I realized that the car prices I have right now is the real price if I compared them to the car price list found on other websites. And no, I didn't install any megapack. but I do remember that when I was playing an offline profile, the cars over 100 000$ were 10 times expensive. Now playing online profile, cheaper than before, I clearly remember that. And it's true that megapack reduces the car prices 10 times cheaper. But I don't have any installed at this moment. Weird huh? =S
  9. How do you actually locate the store with the coordinates =] Help please.
  10. Car Dealer of course. Hmm what about the Maserati Gran sport? I do remember that it was over 1mil.
  11. Well, the Ferrari Enzo, the current price is 850 000$, I guess it ain't its actual price right? Unless I'm mistaken. Maserati Gransport only 107 500$, if the real price was 1 075000$ Btw, it's true it can be convenient, but I don't like it in a way, I want to play like everyone fair and square lol
  12. Hi, I recently noticed another bug on my game, not all traffic car models, one in particular, can't specify yet, well yeah, I can see through them when I get close. It's not normal right? when others don't. I'm using the legal Version of the game with the latest patch 1.66A. Using some mods Car: 2Fast2Furious Skyline, Sound: Brake and Skyline engine sound. That's all Thank You for responding. Sorry if the is in the wrong section.
  13. Hi, I have a bug on my game, suddenly, I really don't know why, I have the legit version of TDU, and no megapack installed yet, I notice that the price are overly cheap, its ten time cheaper from its real cost, for example, a car that cost 5 mil, only cost 500 000$ and 800 000$ for 80 000$ and so on. It didnt happen before, I have the latest patch 1.66A. Though It could be convenient, I don't like that because I feel like I'm cheating. Thank You for responding.
  14. You really feel Hawaii, the nature, like in real life especially when you turn off the engine, open the window: car passing by, wind, ocean, etc =]
  15. Hey guys, The Nissan Skyline R34 is one of my favorite car in TDU, it's a shame that the nissan are the only Tuner cars in TDU. But then I came across this new mod on tdu-c http://forum.turboduck.net/showthread.php?t=15646 and I fall in love with that car. The only that bothers me with this car is that you can't customize the color and on top of that, there are no reflection on the paint at all. So I was wondering if we could add some more chrome on the paint which means more reflection just like other normal cars in TDU. Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
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