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  1. I don't even know where to start so here is a picture of something :p [IMG]
  2. [IMG] This is someone dying while having an MRI scan. Before you die, your brain releases tons and tons of endorphins that make you feel a range of emotions. Tragically beautiful. First post in 3 years. You're welcome. :nuts:
  3. Try running something at 800x600, it'll probably look hilarious.
  4. Phone case is getting very dilapidated and I didn't really like it to start with.
  5. Managed a 1:57 last-minute in a stock GS 350. Tried to run again but binned it. :lol:
  6. Probably throwing Forza 6 in for the time trial contest. And yeah Firewatch really something, there's even a hidden function .
  7. Really is. Not much (if any) combat, there's plenty of time to explore and plenty of things worth exploring, radio banter with your supervisor is hilarious. Not surprised it's a top seller honestly.
  8. American Truck Sim to try out new mods (that naturally aren't working), Firewatch because it's perfect, and maybe The Crew. :mhmm:
  9. I haven't played in ages but I've heard of TDU not working as early as Windows 7. Makes sense as lots of games are just not built to accomodate the oddities of the newer versions. Have you considered running in a VM, maybe Windows XP 64-bit? With your specs you won't likely notice any difference in performance/graphics.
  10. Honestly since around Bad Company 2 when they started instating tons of microtransactions I haven't really known EA to be the most consumer-friendly. I'm sure the decision's motivated by reducing overhead from sales but with their history with customers in mind I'm not awfully sympathetic. I've not really used Origin because it's a waste when Steam delivers more in a less obnoxious software, in my mind at least they should be offering on both platforms to more gradually try to switch people over instead of their current strategy of using "you have to use it to play our gamez!!1", it's not great at building customer appeal and the only reason it *might* work is if they make Origin into software with intrinsic value.
  11. Because Origin has such a great relationship with PC players! I'll stick with Steam and paying for things I actually want. :rofl:
  12. I'll buy it if there's a Battlefield 3 EA call center minigame, I want people to know they'll surely get the Karkland.
  13. The way I see it, it's technically a dirty lap when you run off because your car gets dirty. :hide2:
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