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  1. View File Real Water Mod This texture mod changes the appearance of the water (oceans) in TDU. Extract and run the EXE file to install. Submitter iLLusion Submitted 02/11/2019 Category Environment  
  2. Version 0.9


    This texture mod changes the appearance of the water (oceans) in TDU. Extract and run the EXE file to install.
  3. Exactly. I'm perfectly fine with people sharing my previous work. Also, I'm really sorry to hear about people having some dificulties with the download link, but I'm glad we managed to find a solution via mirror link. Cheers and happy holidays!
  4. Wow, loving the new look and feel!
  5. Hmm, that's really strange indeed. Did you had any luck sorting it out? Btw. Is that your F10 on the pictures? It's looking amazing. If you don't mind me asking, any ETA on release?
  6. It's a sad day indeed, and saying bye is never easy... especially to a game like TDU1. Goodbye old friend, you will be missed.
  7. I've been waiting on this for a long, long time. So happy we'll finally get the chance to drive it! :)
  8. Not bad, not bad at all. :) Just a quick question, any chance you'll update stock M5 with working digital gauges in near future?
  9. This mod is absolutely briliant. A big thanks to everyone involved in this project, you've done an outstanding job! ;) +rep
  10. Yesterday I've reinstalled TDU2 to test out my new GPU, and dare I say, I had some fun. Can't say for sure if it has something with me finally running it in 1080p with everything on very high at stable 60-70 FPS, which compared to my previous settings 720p/medium/20-25 FPS is like night and day, or it has something to do with nostalgia... I may never know. Whatever the reason, I'll admit that I wasn't this excited about TDU2 in months, and can't wait to check out that new handling, and hopefully, drive new cars... s**n. Seriously guys, hurry up. :)
  11. How they manage to letdown their community time and time again is nothing short of amazing.
  12. It's a safe bet DLC2 won't be out in February as supposed. Oh, what a surprise... :lol:
  13. I'm really happy to be part of community such as this. Thanks for making it for what it is today, you guys rock!
  14. Can't wait to try it out later today, from the looks of it, this mod seems like it's going to rock! Thank you for sharing it with us! Also, that possible release of M5 E60 brings huge smile to my face.
  15. OMG! His desk is so small! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIrhVo1WA78 :lol:
  16. Quick run through the files, and I've noticed that file hierarchy is basically the same as TDU. That means you got your usual textures that are used for ground which can be found in commonworld.bnk, and a lot of pre-lit textures. And I mean like a gazilion of them for each and every sector of the island. You can find those in ...\Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\level\area-0-6. Change every area texture to, let's say 8x8 white texture in order to get the right color of the snow across the island(s). Just a warning, it's going to be a long and a tedious work. As Diablo said, good luck. Cause, you are going to need it... and a lot of it.
  17. TDU2 used to be an adventurer... then TDU2 took an arrow in the knee... :lol:
  18. I'm happy to see they haven't abandoned this game just yet, but seriously, am I the only one dissapointed with DLC2? Not only it's coming sometime in February 2012. (!), it's far from quality content too. When they've said we'll get new cars, I've kinda expected to get far more than those 6, of whom some are already ingame. Clothes? Furniture? Come on, it's boooring. And what's with just 3 bikes? IMO, I've really hoped DLC2 would blow our minds away with it's epicness, but instead, we just get a massive headache. It's nice to see improvements with better Force Feedback, vehicle managment, and headlight controls... but overall this is far from great.
  19. But... but... They just want to make sure it's 100% perfect. Bikes are almost out of the door! :lol:
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