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  1. To answer your question, nope, sorry. I'm done with TDU modding. ;)
  2. @daniel0251 Awesome shots! ;) @hayabusa03 Hey. :) TDU Forums is offline for everyone at the moment. Unfortunately, I don't know the reason, but my guess would be that Dredgy didn't paid for it's hosting and it's currently offline because of that. We will just have to wait to see if it's true or not. Cya around.
  3. @pickesateme Yep, I've finished it long time ago. You can download it from LL-powah! blog. Here's the RS6 Avant [TDU] iLLusion: Audi RS6 Avant v0.9.7 | LL-powah! And here's RS6 Avant LL-edition! [TDU] iLLusion: Audi RS6 Avant 2009 LL-edition! v0.9.7 | LL-powah! Have fun! ;)
  4. Nope. Zaista nemam vremena za to trenutno. :) BMW M5 E60 možeš skinuti ovdje: TDU Forums
  5. @walkman You'll have to download Uninstaller fix. It's right under the IP link. @ScoobSTi Gave up? Already? It really ain't that complicated as it seems... you should give it another chance. :) Yep, I've played it long time ago... but one car and one race track got boring really quick. :D Thanks anyway. :p
  6. Whatever you do, don't delete the wheels. :D Just hide them if you are bothered with them. And don't forget to proper align them if you haven't done that already. Interior? You could hide BODY_HR maybe? I don't quite understand what do you mean by ''stuck inside the car''. ^^ Could you post a screenshot please? :p
  7. ;) I've planned to use LOD0 but unfortunately Zmodeler lags as hell when I switch to 3D view. :S So I had to use LOD1.
  8. @BMW_RobertL_93 Thank you. @Andreaz1 So far, so good. Everything is going as planned. :) Thanks for all those kind words and cya around. ;)
  9. Thanks reventon09! ;) @Emir13 Čuj gdje? Pa u post. :D Ne znam kako da drugačije objasnim lol.
  10. No problem, I'm glad I could help. ;) @Emir13 Pa samo kopiraš [IMG]
  11. @blinding_tears No biggie, sure you can. :) You'll need to change TimeScale = x Higher the number, faster the time goes. Good luck. ;) @Emir13 Post? Gdje? Nisam baš najbolje shvatio. :D
  12. Nema problema, vidimo se! ;)
  13. Može, što ne bi moglo. :) Vanilla TDU je default verzija, bez ikakvih modova. @Sly870 Okay, thanks for the help. ;)
  14. IP je 40-tak mega, nije neki bandwidth killer. :p Skineš, extract-uješ iz .rar-a i pokreneš instalaciju i to je to. Pročitaš onaj INFO file za svaki slučaj i igraš. ;)
  15. Pa definitivno ga imam u planu s obzirom da imam veliki broj zimskih tekstura. :) Nisam još krenuo da ih edit-ujem, tako da za sada nemam tačan datum izlaska. Decembar ili januar se čine mogućim, ali ostaje nam da vidimo. :)
  16. Nevermind... thanks anyway. ;)
  17. Hvala. :) IP registracija će biti dio IP v0.9.1 koji će biti dostupan za download ili večeras, odnosno sutra. Strpljen-spašen. :D
  18. Pa to je Grinov X5. :) http://forum.tdu-central.com/showthread.php?t=21696 Samo što sam obojio felge u crno a i zatamnio stakla. :D Black-on-black style FTW! :D
  19. Hey eternalsky! :) Like I've already said to edwin, your weather mod he included as part of his HP, would save me tons of time, not to say that I've never could achieve effect like those. Can I use some of your tweaks as part of upcoming Island Paradise v0.9.1? Needless to say, you'll get credit for it. ;) Thanks in advance, iLLusion
  20. I? Šta tu nije jasno?*
  21. *facepalm* :D I? Šta je tu nije jasno? :p http://tduforums.com/thread-282.html
  22. Pa i taj auto možeš downloadovati sa tog linka. :p Cya. ;)
  23. @Emir13 Izvolton: http://tduforums.com/downloads.php?cat=3 @DUKE 92 Hehe. :D
  24. heLLo! :D Do you have Xfire? And why did you disabled PM's? XD I need to talk with ya! :p
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