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  1. Anyone knows something about creators? I need a contact to them because I have some ideas that I wanted to add to the game and mod...
  2. Hi,


    I'm Maciuk (from this old whether mod). I have some concepts, that I wanted to implement to TDU.

    I have some questions If You could find some time I was very grateful.



  3. Thats why i think helping random people in any case is clean stupidity. When You help You are friend. When You stop You will get bullet in your back. New modders should rethink doing anything for others for free. They will be flamed excacly as tool.
  4. Hi all.... I didn't know where to write aobut main problem (one of them), that afects crusing with friends. Indicators, head and tails lights are not visible in cars for 3'rd person. There are some traffics that jump out from the night when crusing on Oahu because of lights. Is there any chance to fix this? We need bigger hallo in all cars lights. This is very well visible in police viper, where only one stopping light works proper. Strange thing is that even in Tool's Porsche carrera GT lights are poor made. What for stopping lights/indicator lights if they are not visible fr
  5. Hi all. I have to sorry all of You, but I had had no time, bacause of my job. Now I'm back and once per 2-3 day's You will have some pictures/movies from acctual varsion. Here You have just a little piece of my work (movie taken by shade4 from my TDU club) : The movie is from first, very early beta test.
  6. Hello. At the beginning i Have to sorry all of You that it takes so mutch time. I had to finnished some projects ... Now I can back to the work. To proof that, You have some WIP photos. Now this mod has mutch more mid configs and now i do one whather some about one weak. Results are mutch more spectacular, but it takes mutch more time. Here are some promised photos (no HDR): daybreak and sunset Builtin HDR has some bugs and this takes me mutch more time to configure it right. Thanks for Your patience.
  7. Dome is very tinny - one direction texture. If had i done a star on that texture it would be streched in the circle on the sky .... Beside ...one gizmo at a time ;) ...
  8. Excecly ...moon is only other version of the sun ;)... I think that stars reaplaced for the cluods is not a good idea ...i want to have clouds not stars every day time ;) clods R better than stars i think .... I think to do stars but i'm not sure if it work and i suspect a large frames drop because of large texture substituted for a very tiny sky texture .... but we will see.
  9. I have no influence on road shaders. There will be no problems with light on cars by night. This photo of SLR in tunel is taken by night.
  10. Hello. I would like to sweeten a litlle bit waiting for a tdu2 doing "good bye tdu 1" mod. I did started work and i think it will be finnished in next 2-3 weeks. That will be dynamic HDR or/and non HDR mod. Here you have some pics and tell me what do think about my work. The official version may be diffrent from these pictures, but it helps you to know what is comming .... Maciuk (sorry 4 my english ;) ) -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (i
  11. Thx 4 good opinions. I have problems what to include to the whather because everybody wants sth diffrent ... I have hard task, to make everybody happy ;) ... In the night mode will be two suprises. I think everybody will be happy ....
  12. Changes are automatic. With only day wheather we gonna see....
  13. Today I start working on Winter wheather ;) .... I install winter patch no.3, i will drive for 3 days and work will start...i have some ideas. It will be absolutly sth diffrent. i think that in 3 weaks, maybe one month i will publish it.
  14. Ingame time is based on Your system clock. Every day whether "is moving" by 2.4 h. Remember that everytime u switch pause time stops. If players want to have same day time, they have to go on the map and back on the island. Then time will be synchronised to system clock again. 2nd Youpay knows me, and he said right. I will not change anything like: "I wanna only one whether", "I want have a switch to changing wheather....", "I wanna TDU 2 mod". I understand, that people can have problems with bad light or "It was owesome if U had done o whether sth like ... ". I did it as good as i ca
  15. Color doesnt metter. if it was green i had done it white....
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