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  1. It's not DLC, It's a classic car in a showroom called American Muscle in the south. It cost 1 mil, a sum I don't think any other car can top, and the color isn't guaranteed.
  2. Any given classic car (About one in every million people will laugh when I say 'THEY LIED TO ME!') They're crappy, although some do have nice bodies. The few exceptions are the Shelby Cobra, the AC 429 (Am I getting that right?) and that G-class Lambo, they're good for when I absolutely must do a G-class race. I unlocked the paint shop with the AC. and I also have a deep personal hatred of the Saturn Sky, as it misled me into thinking the Audi TT and that F class Alfa Romeo were worse for a year after I bought the game. I know better now. I like the Zonda though, it takes some skill to drive, but you get respect from the people who are smart enough to know that.
  3. Okay, what's your GT and are you on now?
  4. Sounds like fun, but unfortunately you're American and so I can't trust you to be on when I'm on. Time zone thing. Sorry, does that sound xenophobic? It isn't.
  5. Do you like classic cars? Can't get enough of the Wind-in-the-Willows feel of the AC 289? Or maybe you just love the envy from your friends that comes with owning the original Lambo? But whether you have friends or not, I'm here to help. I'm setting up a new club for classic car drivers, which will mostly consist of cruises and leisure drives in Jaguar E-Types along the coast, dressed in white shirts and dress pants, with the occasional race, which will, much in the style of the PS2 version, result in advancement for those who are deemed good racers. If you are to be considered at risk of abusing your advancement, then you won't be allowed in. Remember that: This is a gentlemen's club, we drive gentlemen's cars, and we behave like gentlemen. That said, does anyone have a clubhouse that's distinctly country-club-esque? I have to get off now, but leave your suggestions here if you're interested, and I'll get them in approximately 17 1/2 hours.
  6. I've seen a C class ferrari. And numerous others, including an E class Lambo.
  7. I wanted to have a collection of all the classic cars, just to say I do. And since it was this or post in a different thread which has nothing to do with it, I was wondering, does anyone have a list? 'Cause all I see are european classic showhouses, but I know America and Asia made some good cars. I mean, I have yet to drive a better E-class than the Nissan Skyline. Also, I know about the complete car list, but I don't wanna just buy every car, and it doesn't tell you which are classics.
  8. Wow, you're a good source of awesome. Thanks. And you can quote that if you ever go to get a job. However, how can I tell the crappy newfangled cars from the classics?
  9. Want a classic car? Also, can I get a list? I just wanna finish my collection, I guess.
  10. Can anyone tell me where the Pagani Zonda is sold? I have all the showrooms discovered, so I'm game for anything. Just tell me the name and if it's in the north, south, east, west or one of the 2 in the middle. I'm willing to give up one or two of my classic car collection in return, if you really want a reward, though you'll have to be on by about 4:00pm-8:00pm GMT. And now, just for lulz, a dancing monkey: :monkeydance:
  11. I'm interested in buying, if you're still selling. Which performance packages does it have, or am I going to have to tune it myself?
  12. When and where's the next cruise? I wanna join. Or you can add me as wanabe metalhed and let me in that way, although i did read the rules first, so there's not much chance of getting in easily I gather? I only have an Audi Quatro TT Sport, so I'm looking for a class F cruise.
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