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  1. There's an RT/10 available? Wow. If anyone has this, please let me know with a PM. :)
  2. No. I literally click the program .exe and it says about the 'side-by-side' error I mentioned earlier. If it's any use I downloaded from the official Zmod2 site?
  3. Yeah I downloaded and installed that but still the same problem. :para: It's fine though because the Diablo that I mentioned does have a solution in place. :)
  4. After my troubles with Zmod, I decided to abandon the Lambo, but it's replacement will make an appearance fairly soon. And the original 3 that I showed, Viper, C4, 911 will return on more 'polished' slots this time. :) Watch this post.
  5. I have no idea how to merge interiors mate, but no doubt once I've learnt how, I'll take the interior from the Forza Diablo SV. ;) However, I've downloaded Zmod 2 and I keep getting "side by side configuration errors" every time I try to open it? I've looked around online and it said to install 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2005', which I've done and it still returns the same error. :eyebrow:
  6. Okay, gonna try this out for the first time. However, my model that I'd like to convert doesn't come from Forza/Turn10. It comes from Driver SF (Diablo VT if you want to get into specifics). And the files are in the .3DS format. So it's a bit confusing. :eyebrow:
  7. Well, some more slots have just opened up in my Hawaii. Three legendary sports cars from Japan, each of them as different as you get. [ATTACH]23159[/ATTACH] The Acura NSX, well Hawaii is technically America right? :D 3 Liter V6 naturally aspirated and developed with the late Ayrton Senna (RIP). [ATTACH]23160[/ATTACH] The Mazda RX-7, only 3 cylinders but boy does it sound good! 255hp of pure dragstrip madness, but in the corners too it's a marvel. :) [ATTACH]23161[/ATTACH] The Toyota Supra, because without it TDU would not be complete. Combat's absolute favourite car and why would you disagree? Looks good, sounds good , need I say more... Also seen with a certain Paul Walker, may he R.I.P. too. If you haven't watched Furious 7, I strongly recommend you do.
  8. Perhaps your good friend, acevt06, cam lend a hand? We know that his sounds (in particular Supra, R34, and any of his muscle V8's to name some examples) can be quite lifelike and monstrously aggressive. A phrase that goes very well with the 'Widowmaker' 997 GT2. I think I now have another must have Porsche to add to my collection. Thanks Combat! :)
  9. Now with my game fully updated (to 1.68), I decided to redo the slots I did earlier this week. Unfortunately, this just replaces the old Atari model, so no new slot for the 512TR but then it's already in the game. Still looks good though. Mod by Miha, sound by DjToyZinnio, physics by Me.
  10. I already said "Wow" when I saw the exterior. But now the interior, just leaves me without words. I don't know what it is Combat, but every single mod you do is better than the last. Keep it up! :) Good job!
  11. Thanks a lot! 1.67 and 1.68 installed successfully. :)
  12. Ah thanks. :) I thought you only needed 1.68. Any idea where I can find a link to that version? It's not on 2CV's page.
  13. Hi all, got a problem with 1.68. I get this error message. :eyebrow: [ATTACH]23082[/ATTACH] I installed in this order; Game (1.45), MegaPack (1.66), MagicMap. Any ideas? :para:
  14. I wasn't planning on releasing my little NFS project. Because the majority of the cars are not mine, and their purpose in my game is for something else. The physics, on the other hand, will always be mine! So I might release them one-by-one soon. :)
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