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  1. Very slick car! I can just imagine cruising this on the H3, coming from Kaneohe, all thru those tunnels and everything :] +R, thanks for all your hard work and passion bringing us these cars [email protected]! Now to figure out what to replace.... <_<
  2. Thanks for making this ^_^ I d/l'ed it last night and of course, stuck it on my Furai which I also recently d/l'ed. It fits very well for the character of the car, it makes me want to drive it probably 3 times as much as before lol. Very racey, adventurous sound! I've always thought the Furai was cool, and it's not just a concept car anymore, from what I've read recently, Mazda would like to see it take the place of the good ol' 787B and actually do some racing. They even gave it the number 55 if you look closely.
  3. I set it for Elise Cam and IK, seems fine, just my guy's head sticks out the roof a little lol. But, I always drive in first person view, so I don't care. Seems fine so far, I found some good stats for the car online, except for info about the transmission (gear ratios, etc), and suspension data. So, I left it with the Elise 6 speed for now. It does have a little of that "bobbing up and down" thing, it's not rock solid, but hey it is an older car. Just have to watch your control so it doesn't swing out and spin you off into the grass :)
  4. How did I miss this??? Okay, I'm gonna go over there and have a heart attack for a while... and when I get back this is going all UP in my game! Then I'll probly spend hours looking up stats for the car and tweaking it with tdupe lol. Thanks Rev... this is one of the sexiest cars of all time IMO.
  5. Man... after installing that Community patch 1.68b, I had to start all over, and last night I did ALL the time and speed races in one night. I'm still tired lol. But, my favorites would have to be... Group G: Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. If you aren't lucky enough to find one, the Lambo Miura is pretty good too. Group F: (modded) BMW 135i -or- Audi TT Quattro sport Group E: Lotus Elise or Nissan Skyline Group D: (modded) Nissan S14, Aston Martin DB9 Volante (surprisingly good car. Yes, the convertible) Group C: Lambo Gallardo Spyder, Lotus Exige Group B: Ford GT, Ascari KZ1, No
  6. Maybe I'll try to find the stock version, thanks for the tip :) But it would still be freakin' awesome to have the rally version. Didn't Atari / Eden make a rally game several years back? Maybe it had the car in a format that could be converted?
  7. Hehe, seems like those CLK's come in handy for setting up a lot of different cars. I've got the whole Lexus dealer now with just BMW's lol. I never used any of the Lexes, and I don't think there were any races or anything where you even need 'em. I have all 5 of those cars as various BMW's that I found on here. This one is right in the middle. I have it set up as a Group C car, but a really good one. I'm still tweaking on this one and that M3 Street from Starley. I wanna get this one to be a Group C version of the Skyline basically, where, against B's you can still outdrive them, and even
  8. Hi all, Just wanted to drop a little request for a truly awesome, historical famous racecar, which I think should certainly be in this game. I'm surprised no one has made it yet. I actually have the Tamiya RC version lol. There are several Celica models around, so really it might just be a question of putting the decals / livery on it. If I had the software and knew how, I would do it, but I don't. Anyway, there are MANY pics of this famous car on the 'net, which was driven by Didier Auriol in the World Rally Cup series of races all over the world. The livery and lights, brush
  9. Okay, that's it.... too awesome... must download... Gonna replace all those Lexuses with Beemers lol
  10. Thanks for this sound mod, it's awesome. I put it in with tduzoqqer's Veyron, and it sounds like the Fires of Hell! I probly need to tweak something using TDUPE, but I'm not sure what. Or maybe I'll just leave it like the FIRES OF HELL!!!
  11. Okay, I actually succeeded! Here's what I did... 1. Uninstalled 1.68 community patch. 2. Went to where I backed up my whole euro folder (yes, the whole thing), and re-copied each folder one at a time, just to be sure everything was back to original. (Avatar, CHARACTERS, Details folders, etc.) 3. Went into game, and sure enough, there were two car dealers greyed out, one was the European Classics place in downtown, directly south from the Kawasaki dealer, along the curve in the road, across from a tall building. The other was west from the Jaguar dealer, North East of the real estate
  12. Thanks so much for replying! :) Yes, I discovered all the showrooms, and went inside all of them, not just drove to them. I ended up getting a Ascari KZ1 and was driving all over the island, and warping around to make sure I had visited all the car showrooms. But, the motorcycle showrooms were still locked. They all have the icons showing on the map, so... unless there's one or more that don't show up unless you find them, I have been to all of them. Maybe I will try "converting" back to standard, and see if my savegame will still play, then unlock bikes, THEN try to go back to 1.68
  13. I swear I went to all the car dealers. Not just drove to them, but went in all of them too. I had started with a new game after installing 1.68B community patch, because my old savegame would not load in. If I can't unlock the motorcycle showrooms, I can't get the bikes, and do the bike races... Maybe the game is still expecting the old showrooms, and they aren't there any more? Or are there hidden ones somewhere?
  14. Thanks for making this mod you guys, it works fine for me, I can install - uninstall just fine... But I need to know, How do I unlock the motorcycle showrooms? I swear I've been to all the car showrooms, and the bike dealers are still locked. I was unable to get my previous save game to play, so I just started over. If I can't unlock the bikes, I can't do the bike races. But I *was* able to turn the RUF RGT into a Porsche 997 GT3 lol. I followed the figures for the car from wikipedia, and used TDUPE to put it in. It was a good car, but now I went back to standard and uninstalled
  15. I know, it's weird lol. You can take the Grip up to 1800 to really see what I'm talkin about. At low speeds, the turning is like, backwards looking, but then the bike starts to lay down at about 80 I guess. I pretty much did the same thing to the ZX12R, and it's just crazy, I barely have to move my wheel.
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