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  1. This is sounding very nice indeed, to see that they are MAYBE making TDU3. It's just like seeing an old pal again after a long time, and everything feels the same. (in a good way) I't does not have to have the polish quality of FH4, but at least to have the true charm of TDU1 and to be opened for modding.
  2. Ah man, i just want to see new, fresh Test Drive: Unlimited series... But i think we wont get that for at least 3-4 years guys. They have The Crew, and as they told us, they want to make the game alive for as much as they can. We are waiting too long for a quality product, and i am afraid that we will not get it. :(
  3. Drifting is a disaster... I don't like it at all, but hey maybe that is just me... The graphics update is amazing, the game is looking fresh and neat. I like it a lot, and enjoyed it a lot. The handling is better too, the cars are feeling more like cars and damn it i played the game for 3 hours straight, i forgot the last time i had so much fun playing a game... Overall they are listening to "us" and there are things in the game that we are begged for.. but there is still lot to put in this game if you ask me. Oh yeah, the game is running very smooth now.
  4. All is good but when i installed the patch i lost the F430, Italia, California and many many cars... Whats with all of that?
  5. Good thing that they have delayed the game... More time to tweak everything is very good indeed.
  6. PS4. I can talk about anything, don't care for NDA just want to answer some of the questions. (if you have them ofc)
  7. I'm afraid not... Still... I'm afraid not... I'm afraid not... :/
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