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  1. no problem :) just wanted to say my opinion on that ;)
  2. well actually i stopped working on the CDI and C63 sound mod and i was not about to make changes again.. by adding bass, do you mean to use other samples, or just add some more bass and deeper sound to it? i cant promise anything if i'm going to update it or not, sorry for that mate.. maybe i'll give it a try one day since TDU1 is surely dead, there is no motivation into making changes for me personally :/
  3. i know this thread is old but sorry mate but you should have mentioned that you used some of my samples from my mod which i released 4 years ago now and gave me credits.. it's a bit unfair to the people who worked hard to make a sound mod and just steal their work here is the link to my mod Released Mercedes E280 CDI Sound V3 | turboduck forum
  4. a few days ago we had a chase with Zonda Tricolors! from out of nothing how hard can this game be hacked..?
  5. ok i have sent you the files back ; )
  6. if you want you can send me the files via private message by uploading them to rapidshare or something else. i can have a look at it ; )
  7. well done grin but i dont like the interieur ; ) anyway i replaced my CCR ; )
  8. well i dont know.. ^^ when i edit the files i get this silence effect : D
  9. yes but audacity generates automatically that clicking (silcence) sound and cant be fixed with it ; ) first edit with audacity then with wavepad : P
  10. open the file with wavepad and remove the silence at the begin and maybe at the end then save the file ; )
  11. yeah happy new year all!! :D with TDU2 it will be a happy year hahah ;D
  12. right but what ive meant was that the needle stops at 6000rpm and the engine does not stops screaming ; )
  13. sure? thought there must be made some more settings by converting the cars : P and i noticed that the needle stops at 6000rpm : D but anyway great job ; )
  14. there is one bug when you rev in N gear the engine screams like hell the needle moves to slowly down ; )
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