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  1. They could just make it so the fuel gauge pauses for races I guess, or have it as a realism option for those who want it.
  2. What do you guys think about having fuel and the wear and tear systems from WRC8 in a TDU game?
  3. I hope they don't just make a Forza Horizon/The Crew clone, That would be massively disappointing.
  4. A guy on twitter is claiming they will show TDU3 for the first time in may. Best guess is the Xbox show on the 7th which is supposed to be showing off 3rd party stuff for Series X. This person also leaked Crysis remaster.
  5. If they just remade Oahu and Ibiza with some new cars, and overhauled physics/wheel ffb then I will be happy. I'm not expecting some photorealistic blockbuster. After playing WRC8 I am hopeful about the handling model.
  6. I have played the alpha of The Crew 2 and it gives me major TDU vibes, it's just a shame the wheel support is garbage.
  7. I'm a pc player and i would much rather have the spyker than the ferrari tinderbox. sadface
  8. I HATE ferrari's but that was a cracking trailer:thumbsup:
  9. There's no point in complaining about it, may aswell just hope they change it for the final build. If the physics are as bad as you think then i'm sure testers will bring it to the attention of the devs. I will be happy with G25 support *fingers crossed*
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