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  1. Shame the TDU2 forum(s) have become a bit of silent but since a week I reinstalled TDU2 and having a blast (again). It's still as good as I remember it was. Also bought The Crew and play them both on and off. Hope seeing you online someday and have some great races like in the old days. Carda
  2. Please add me to the club, my ingame user name is Carda. Thank you!
  3. Finally made it through Ibiza today. Got my $1,000,000 bonus from Ibiza Rally and bought myself my first Audi in the A5 class. Tried out the stickering option within TDU2 and this is how I made my Audi look like: Oddest thing is i had to PAY money to advertise, Carda
  4. hi! Can you help me? You say "Inside \\Testdrive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Level\Hawai\CommonWorld.BNK replace the 12 files with the extracted files out of my CommonWorld folder" but in my hawai folder commonworld.BNK file is a file i can replace enything !!! i will show you with a picture http://s554.photobucket.com/albums/jj406/fsorin96/?action=view&current=P060910_1501.jpg

  5. hello! Please do something with the download link here" http://forum.tdu-central.com/showthread.php?t=16750 " Thk! A big fan of your mod

  6. Hey Carda, Wil je de nerdelandse dingen opnieuw uploaden. Ze doen het niet

  7. if you can do to me please a Lincense Plate please

  8. Hi, are you going to update your tutorial on race modding? You did excellent work there, but I think it could be even better :) I'd love to know how you made your "Clone Wars" racepack :)

  9. General Mod Shop forumpart isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing. All those different mods not fitting into available categories. :cry: Please dear moderators..... (BTW Grats on the 16K+ threads :thumbsup:)
  10. Yeah it needs a fix If it's more easy to remove the looping sound, please (however I don't think that's an easy job). It's such a shame of the looping sound (firebird and challenger) when driving (not accellerating) about 40x RPM, approaching high rpms. (the origional Atari sound that is). Most sound mods are all about the cars that are non class G.... :( and I like to cruise in my G. If you have lots of time... the sound could be more hmmmm.... deeper too (more lower frequencies 60/160hz). When it's at its 50 something rpm (the max.) it's not as deep in sound as I would like. C
  11. Most work I do in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8. I only use PhotoShop when I need to convert a picture to .DDS/WS_ or when I need to resize it.
  12. Hey Carda, ik zie dat je ook nederlands bent. Ik wil je eerst bedanken voor de billbord mod. Die is echt leuk, weer eens wat anders dan alleen auto en sound mods ;). En ik had nog een vraag over het naam veranderen van auto's. Mij is dit tot nu toe nog steeds niet helemaal gelukt. Ik probeerde het met die TDUModding Tools, maar daarbij moest ik namen uit zo'n lijst selecteren, en veel auto's stonden er niet bij. en ik probeerde het ook met die TDUPE, maar als ik daarbij de manufacturer naam wissel, dan crasht het spel. Ik hoop dat jij het weet en mij kan helpen. Nog maals, thanks voor je mods. Mzzl.

  13. Triple 6 eeeh? :twisted: After I finish my shop overhaul project I'll give it a go. Greets, Carda
  14. It's just one texture you have to replace and so far I know replacing textures is NO problem online. A zo6dude camera shop seems fit.
  15. Welcome: Looking for more textures to work on I decided to start on a general shop overhaul a few days ago. The picture in between TDU-C and Golden Tulip is not connected to TDU-Central in any way, neither is it part of it's shop logo. It's connected to the Free A'dam coffeehouse shop ingame. Download here: http://www.filefront.com/15643335/TDU%20Shops%20Overhaul%20by%20Carda-v1.00.zip How to install: You need to replace 1 file in 2 banks to be able for this mod to work (again I used Jeffrey BNK editor) FIRST MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR COMMONWORLD.BNK AND COMMONWORLDDI
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