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Status Updates posted by Milli

  1. Felt nostalgic? Lol

    1. Ryzza5


      You bet - so many good times cruising.   I need some time to catch up with this game and maybe cruise with you again, Ms. DarkAvengerZR1.

  2. https://i.imgur.com/PcwWH39.jpg Ta daaaaaa

  3. Once Diabs, always Diabs. Deal with it. New one should be called Murcielago. :lol:

    1. insaneone


      Haha, I like your thinking with the Murci, and anyway, I'm still here!!

  4. Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage Saw this and it made me think about you, for some reason. Hahaha thank me later.

  5. It is! And the process of making it is really cool aswell! Doesn't seem hard, just care and attention to detail. :D

  6. Passing by to drop this! I think you will enjoy this video, as same as i did. :lol:

  7. Hahaha thanks! Though i have that image since a quite good time. :lol:

  8. ---------- TDU 1 better for driving than TDU 2 ... come on, you cannot be serious. Ok, that's your own and some others opinion... ---------- As you said here, and to keep it off the topic there, you may say that the jumps on TDU HC mode was ridiculous, it really was... but me, as a Gran Turismo fan, tell you that TDU 1 HC mode had a lot of features that made the physics good enough to keep me playing it. And before you say, no, i didn't drift around in TDU... never knew how to do that and i was able to keep up with other players just fine. You see, TDU1 was sure not a simulator, but as driving physics, even with it's flaws, it's way better than TDU2 broken physics. There are only 2 driving games i couldn't stand the driving physics, which so far were Need For Speed Undercover and TDU2. :lol:

  9. Não tenho como, desculpe.

  10. You know what reasons. Hahaha And nah, Skype is such a poo program, i only use facebook. And when you add me, it get's 50% more fabulous. :lol:

  11. I think now i understand why you were writting drama in the chatbox. Hahaha

  12. Welly is very avarage. Not bad, but not the best...

  13. I think i've never asked, or you've never told, if you did, i forgot about it. But why are you always saying things like that you're idiot, and you shouldn't keep thinking... Thinking what, exactly? Why idiot, exactly? [being nosey]

  14. Milli

    Yes, definitly a stereotype. Uni isn't like American Pie. :lol:

  15. Milli

    Yes and no Tim. People in university are more mature, so, if you say you don't want to go, because you don't want to go... they should be able to understand. It's more about the people you hang out with. Plus, i don't know where it's been written that you must be popular and socialize. My tip is, don't guess anything before really get in there, it's pointless and might be a total waste of time. Try to enjoy the most you can, without force you to do things you don't want to. ;)

  16. It is not me, i swear. Lol

  17. Happy birthday, enjoy your 18.

  18. Milli

    LOL Really? Well, relax, i wasn't going to take it serious. And, by the way... he is still with your phone.

  19. Can't you just forget me? FGS, leave me alone!

  20. Lol, you talk to yourself. :lol:

  21. Milli

    I have no idea. Someone changed... and you knew that. :lol:

  22. It is the new 2013 Corvette Convertible 427 Special Edition. Really nice, isn't?

  23. Milli

    Lol, i saw... and i prefer being the worse game than a fat bacon. :lol:

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